Sell jewelry on Bonanza

Selling jewelry on is a relatively young market, claiming to focus on  focus is on unique items. With the motto “Everything but the ordinary”, Bonanza strongly points to the clients who don’t want to find themselves in the mass-market. Therefore it has quite a strong representation of jewelry on the marketplace, including artisan jewelry, fashion jewelry and also fine and diamond jewelry. Even that meanwhile Bonanza does not produce large sales volume as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon, it is still a good step to do in online expansion, for several reasons:

  • niche market – aiming unique items, Bonanza seems to be an appropriate marketplace for selling jewelry.
  • easy to enter – having a simple interface than other  marketplaces, Bonanza is quite easy to start and operate
  • risk management – having your jewelry presented on additional marketplace reduces your risks related to your status / performance on your main selling channels
  • affordable – with only up to 3.5% final value selling  fee, this marketplace is affordable comparing to the larger online marketplaces
  • potential new market – Bonanza is an emerging new market which enters the online sales in the right time. This may allow it to become a solid player in jewelry ecommerce game. With relatively low values, it does not attract big players yet, so it is still easy to establish yourself as strong player on this marketplace.