Shopping carts integration for jewelry eCommerce websites

Are you running a jewelry eCommerce website?

with Valigara you can 

  • Optimize your website for SEO and PPC
  • Improve product pages content
  • Synchronize it with all your online sales channels
  • Easily make season content adjustments (prices, images, keywords etc)
  • Manage jewelry and gemstones inventory
  • Integrate with your social channels and offline presence


Integrating your jewelry website into the complete online ecosystem creates synergy between external sales channels, and branded eCommerce. Managing jewelry stock unified for all online sales channels, handling orders and clients together – all these save a lot of duplicate work, minimize risk of costly mistakes, and increase chances of selling your jewelry online.

Native shopping carts integrations:



  • Registered app on Shopify app store (free to use)
  • Full synchronization of jewelry inventory
  • Metafields support, including Variations Metafields
  • Jewelry Attributes mapping
  • Product Tags generation
  • Create videos and SEO tags
  • Import orders and clients
  • Jewelry variations support
  • SEO tools, including 301 redirects & more
  • Shopify POS integration



  • Full synchronization of jewelry inventory
  • Attributes & categories structure mapping
  • Orders and clients import
  • Jewelry variations creation
  • Image storage solutions (fixes the WC issue with the media management)



  • Full synchronization of jewelry inventory
  • Magento Categories support
  • Orders and clients import
  • Jewelry variations creation





  • Full synchronization of jewelry inventory
  • Support categories structure
  • Orders and clients (planned)



  • Actually, it is not a shopping cart!
  • Turn the WordPress website into the powerful jewelry eCommerce website;
  • Direct Valigara VCatalog integration


Using another system/shopping cart?

Our team is always looking for new systems to integrate. Contact us and we will find a way!


No website yet?

Is it possible to get a running jewelry website in 1 day? With Valigara – yes! No need to go for complicated development, huge costs, and hassle.


Looking for an exclusive, jewelry-tailored website to be custom-created for you? We have more than 15 years of experience creating top websites for the jewelry and diamonds industry. 


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