Become a Valigara Affiliate

Join Valigara Online Jewelry Manager’s exclusive Affiliate program and earn up to 25% commissions, by referring jewelers and diamond manufacturers to Valigara!

With Valigara’s unique proposition to the most active niche in the eCommerce multi-channel market, the Valigara Affiliate program is a solid way to make money.


Why Valigara?

  • The only multichannel marketing solution for jewelers in the world.
  • Most tailored 1-stop-shop solution for its users
  • Users’ lifetime in Valigara is 3 times longer than in any similar solution.
  • Highest commissions in the market
  • Valigara keeps constantly evolving, providing the best service to its clients.


Program Benefits

  • Unique niche product with the highest conversion rates
  • Select between CPA / RevShare fees structure
  • Full transparency on your account status, and fees.
  • Highest payout in the market, no cap on commissions
  • Your commissions grow with higher involvement with the affiliate program
  • Reach Media Bank, optimized for all platforms including mobile
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers to improve your results


Affiliate program commissions

Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum packages:

Qualified clientsFees, MonthsCPA plan, MGR %RevShare, MGR %
50 and up3620025 and up
  • Setup fees are not counted for the Affiliate Program commissions
  • For payments other than Subscriptions fees (f.i. Professional Services),  Affiliate Program commissions are valid in the first 12 months of the client’s subscription

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