Affiliate program FAQ

How does Valigara Affiliate program work?

After the registration, you can choose the preferred commission plan and will be paid for every qualified referral in our system. See the Program Benefits  or simply contact us for more information. 


What is the CPA plan?

CPA plan is the one-time payment that you will receive for each qualified referral. The CPA plan rates are accessible on our Affiliate program details page.


What is a Revenue sharing plan?

With the RevShare plan, you receive a percentage of the MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue) created by the users you referred to Valigara. MGR equals the monthly commissions subtracted by the bonuses and charge-backs. The RevShare rates are accessible in our Affiliate program details page.


Is there a cap on the amount I can earn?



How am I getting paid?

Normally commissions payments are transferred to the Paypal account you provide on the Affiliate registration. Payments are made on the 5th of the month when the account balance reaches $100 or more. Contact us if you prefer a different way of payment.


What is a “qualified referral”?

Qualified referrals are users who remain on a paid plan for at least 3 months after completing the payment. To qualify for commissions, referrals must be new to Valigara. Affiliate commissions are not valid for existing Valigara customers, even if they sign up for another account through an affiliate link.


Do you have any prepared marketing media to promote Valigara?

YES! Our Media Library is constantly updated with relevant promotional banners. In addition, our Affiliate Managers will keep you updated on new offers, to increase your success.


What cookie period do you have?

We offer a 60 day cookie period to make sure all of your referrals count. If a referral clicks on an affiliate link and is qualified for commission within 60 days, you as an affiliate will earn the commission.

A cookie is a small file left by the Valigara website on the user’s computer, that allows us to identify the user who was referred by you.


How do I become a Valigara affiliate?

Simply contact us with a comment “Affiliate program”, to begin earning a commission. No obligations.


I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Simply use our Contact form, and we will be glad to assist.


How do I cancel the program after signing up?

Simply contact us


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