About Valigara

Jewelry and Diamonds deserve special attention. So does your business.

Selling a diamond ring isn’t like selling electronics or apparel. Valigara is the only multi-channel tool, specifically adjusted to jewellers’ needs. Our team is made up of jewelry and diamond experts with years of experience, that have identified unique features for every step of the eCommerce operation, relevant to selling jewelry and gemstones online.  We have made it our mission to provide clients with effective solutions and create strong technological advantages over competitors in the jewelry industry.

Valigara Online Jewelry Manager
igor valigara ceo sell jewelry online

Meet Igor Nusinovich, Valigara’s CEO and a global jewelry eCommerce expert

igor valigara ceo sell jewelry online

Igor is a global Jewelry eCommerce expert, visionary, and leader with decades of experience in online store management, product management, and software development.

“I believe we are on a never-ending journey of discovery and learning. We seek feedback and insight to grow. At Valigara, we aim high, we stand by our word, we strive to do good, and empower our customers, employees, and business partners to succeed.”

Igor is a Yogi and a father.

Our Mission

Valigara empowers jewelry and diamonds businesses in the eCommerce era. We enable leading jewelers, brands, and ecommerce companies to grow their online jewelry business with Valigara’s all-in-one software solution. Valigara’s Online Jewelry Manager platform manages all aspects of successful online businesses.


 It lets you manage your product portfolio and optimize your online presence across your website and leading marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many others. Valigara helps you increase sales and save significant time and money. 


Valigara simplifies inventory and orders management, online marketing, purchasing and fulfillment, automating the daily operations in selling jewelry and diamonds online. Valigara

 integrates with all major ecommerce, marketing, and jewelry platforms. Our deep industry knowledge and advanced technology give you full control of your business and frees up 80% of 

your time to focus on creativity and growth.


Valigara Jewelry eCommerce software
Valigara Jewelry eCommerce software
VCatalog – Valigara jewelry catalog and V-site

Our Vision

  1. Empower Jewelry and Diamonds Businesses in the eCommerce Era
  2. Make selling jewelry online easy
  3. Take Jewelry eCommerce to New Heights
  4. Power ecommerce for the world’s leading jewelers
  5. Push jewelry ecommerce forward
  6. Empower Jewelers Online
  7. Digitize Jewelry Commerce
  8. Grow Jewelry Commerce Everywhere
  9. Touch every jewelry transaction
VCatalog – Valigara jewelry catalog and V-site

Valigara is more than an e-commerce platform. We’re really committed to our customers.

Aim high

We’re true professionals with high standards in everything we do. We do our best work and provide the best technology, products, and services to our customers.

Stand by our word

We take responsibility for our communication and actions. We are honest and transparent, and we honor our commitments.

Do good

We care about one another and the world. We strive to do good, put our heart and soul, and make a positive impact on our customers and their businesses.


We want our customers, employees, and business partners to succeed. We try to set the conditions for the success of others around us.

Be effective

Time and money are precious resources. We strive to optimize everyday life through our products and our conduct.

Always learn

We are on a never-ending journey of discovery and learning. We seek feedback and insight to grow.

Valigara is made for you and your jewelry.

Meet the Faces Behind Valigara

Specialist Sell jewelry online

Igor Nusinovich

Founder & CEO

Idan Sharon

Head of Business Development

Ivan Karpov

Support Specialist

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