Jewelry inventory management

Handle your jewelry easily

Back-office for jewelry and diamond manufacturers: Does jewelry and diamonds business differs from electronics, fashion or any other industry? Of course! Providing the matching platform requires deep understanding of the business and manufacturing processed in the specific industry. This is why Valigara concentrates on specific industry, providing tailor-made solution for jewelers and diamond manufacturers. If results in an solid jewelry inventory platform that empowers clients’ management abilities instead of limiting it as any non-adjusted technology.

Put all the stuff together quickly and effectively.

  • Simple, intuitive interface for jewelry inventory management
  • Extensive sort and search abilities.
  • Dynamically added fields in products allow storage all the required information about the items.
  • Materials (Metals and Gemstones), Variations and Ready products stock management.
  • Easy Materials, Collections , Item forms, Item types management.
  • Added pictures of products are optimized for web.
  • User management allows agile changes follow-up

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