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Valigara Online Jewelry Manager 

  • Is the only online management system, adjusted to jewelry and diamond industry.
  • Brings to minimum the required work for whole online sales process, optimizes the work environment, avoids expensive mistakes and so dramatically saves time and money.
  • Is a established product with proven adoption in several countries.

Current state

  • Started in 2009 as a service company
  • Pivoted to SaaS product in 2017
  • Named “Top 5 Jewelry Store Software” in 2018
  • Secured growth funding in 2019
  • Headquartered in Haifa, Israel
  • Offices in the Israeli Diamond Exchange
  • Team of 16 
  • Member of multiple Jewelry Associations
  • Powered 875 jewelry and diamonds stores
  • $1,300,000,000 jewelry inventory under management
  • Industry authority

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