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Simply said

Jewelry Manager is an extensive online catalog, connected to leading online marketplaces and adjusted to jewelers and diamond manufacturers and distributors’ needs.
Valigara Jewelry Manager brings to minimum the required work for whole online sales process, optimizes the work environment, avoids expensive mistakes and so dramatically saves time and money.
Valigara Jewelry Manager is an unique and very agile system, highly adjustable and grows rapidly with lots of new features.


Current state

  • Valigara Jewelry Manager is fully operational SaaS product. All active users are long-term agreements.
  • Recently the Company gained status of eBay strategical partner – achievement, which proves the huge amount of trust for efficiency and professionalism of the developed system by the industry leaders.
  • No twin products are available worldwide. Unlike existing systems on the Internet, this product is a tailored-made system for the jewelers and diamond manufacturers and marketers, with the ability to develop special features and custom and useful tools on demand.

We invite you to contact us with any requests, we will gladly share all our knowledge and experience.


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