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New Jewelry listing guidelines effective May 25, 2022

Jewelry sellers recently recveived an update on new listings requirements.  Starting May 25, 2022, we’re making changes to our Jewelry policy. Our updated listing guidelines will create a more consistent and reliable experience for Jewelry buyers, help them find the items they’re

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Stop the war in Ukraine

Stop the war in Ukraine

Stop The War In Ukraine     To our customers, vendors, partners, and investors:  Ukraine today is under a brutal attack and fights to protect its freedom. The freedom of people, of the country, and of the whole world.   Prior

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Jewelry eCommerce News - November 2021

Jewelry eCommerce News – November 2021

October and November have been months of many significant changes in the eCommerce world and, as always, we are doing our best to bring all of the most relevant ones in front of you. Below you will find our curated list of some recent news pieces that we think you’d want to know. As always, feel free to let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in this newsletter.

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Jewelry eCommerce News - October 2021

Jewelry eCommerce News – October 2021

How are you holding up? We are fully aware of all the curveballs this holiday season can throw at you. So we’ve gathered up a few news pieces that should help you get ahead of the curve.
See what the top marketplaces and couriers have in store for you this month, as well as how to better prepare for this time of the year. Don’t forget to check our blogs and webinars for more information on jewelry eCommerce.

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