2023 Valigara Highlights

Valigara New Year 2024 greetings

As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that 2023 was filled with both opportunities and challenges. We want to share some key highlights that truly stand out:


  • After many years of close partnership, Valigara became a Jewelry Category Partner for eBay Global, being the key solution for jewelry sellers on the marketplace. This milestone not only shows our expertise (which is always nice :))  but, more importantly, reflects a broader industry trend: vertical-focused data management is becoming a central competitive advantage for years to come.


  • Our clients’ numbers left us excited and speechless! Valigara showed a DOUBLE growth in seasonal sales growth. While the industry benchmark stands at 54% growth, Valigara clients showed an amazing 97% (!) addition to sales during the sales season.
    This again proves the importance of powerful Product Information Management solutions and their impact on the company’s growth.


  • Our inventory reached new heights, with a staggering $23 billion worth of jewelry and diamonds under our management. More importantly, we deepened our data management capabilities, providing clients with more insights and valuable opportunities than ever before to harness the potential of this inventory.


  • 2023 witnessed a significant spike in B2B digitalization. In response, we enhanced our functionality and expanded our solutions in the jewelry B2B sphere. An essential step in this direction was our collaboration with several major B2B brands seeking advanced infrastructure not for themselves but for their customers.

    We also empowered our solutions for the traditional jewelry retail. 2023 showed an increasing connection between the online presence and classical retail. Today, E-commerce’s impact on offline sales is higher than direct online purchases.


  • Amidst global challenges, our commitment to supporting the Israeli economy, and the Jewelry and DIamonds industry as a whole, remains steadfast. We continued to assist small jewelry companies with technology solutions to weather these trying times.

    We were glad to sponsor the “Stand with Israel” event in New York, cooperating with the Israeli Diamond Exchange. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us regarding more opportunities we can support.


To summarize, that was an intense year with dramatic changes on a grand scale for the world and us. The stage for the next year is already set, and we’re thrilled to explore it!


We want to use this opportunity to wish everyone this: let’s invest our time in building and creating rather than engaging in conflicts. We wish you a wonderful and safe 2024, filled with happiness for you and your loved ones.


Your Valigara Team


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