Insights from the Hong Kong Jewelry Tradeshow 2024

Hong Kong International jewelry tradeshow 2024 Insights

During our recent visit to the Hong Kong Jewelry Tradeshow 2024, we engaged in insightful conversations with numerous sellers, manufacturers, and industry professionals. The experience provided a comprehensive view into the current dynamics shaping the jewelry industry and the emerging technological trends.


Business Insights

  • The jewelry industry is undergoing a slowdown, with a noticeable shift from fine to fashion jewelry indicating changing consumer preferences.
  • India’s growing interest in diamonds marks a significant opportunity for market expansion.
  • The decline in popularity of offline events, particularly for loose diamonds, reflects a broader move towards online platforms. “Everything is no Rapnet” 
  • Focus markets have narrowed down to the USA and India, highlighting the need for targeted business strategies.
  • The trend of US manufacturing leaning towards Asian suppliers continues, signaling a shift in the global supply chain dynamics.


Technology Insights

  • Indian manufacturers are making substantial investments in technology, aiming to leverage it as a catalyst for growth. This is often focused on localized solutions with in-house tech teams, indicating a commitment to innovation.
  • The industry shows interest in technology for CRM, accounting, and inventory management, underscoring the importance of operational efficiency.
  • There’s a noticeable gap in technology adoption and awareness outside of India, with many lacking strategies for industry changes.
  • Smaller, niche marketplaces are gaining attention, pointing towards a shift in online platform preferences.
  • High-end and exclusive jewelry sectors show hesitancy in adopting technology due to their focus on personalized sales.
  • The effectiveness of the digital catalogs for B2B sellers is questioned, reflecting uncertainty in online tool utilization.
  • A general struggle exists in integrating technology with omnichannel marketing strategies, though some recognize the potential for online presence to boost physical store traffic.


Our thoughts

  • The industry’s slow embrace of a unified omnichannel approach suggests a reluctance to fully integrate online and offline business elements. In today’s digital age, this strategy seems outdated.
  • The persistent “high-secrecy” approach within the industry is becoming increasingly impractical. Given the ease of accessing technological and analytical tools, adaptability and speed are emerging as essential qualities for staying competitive.
  • Observing these trends, it becomes clear that the jewelry industry stands at a pivotal moment. Embracing change, particularly in technology and market strategy, will be vital for those looking to succeed in this evolving landscape.



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