Clients management & jewelry CRM

Clients management

Returning clients play a critical role in the jewelry and diamonds sales, and business’s success. Cross-selling jewelry of the same type or same collection, attending users with the right timing, creating brand awareness with the email and social marketing – all these engage existing clients, and target rightly the new audiences. The work with the client happens on all stages of his lifecycle in the company:
  • At the sales process
  • After-sale support 
  • Engagement and brand awareness
  • Returning purchases

To provide tools for perfect service, and to engage the returning purchases, Valigara provides a simple-to-use CRM interface, which enables you to complete the whole engagement chain, to see your online jewelry business growing!


All client data at your fingertips

Integrated email marketing

Emails are the most powerful tool for growing your business. They serve as a glue between the first purchase and converting client into returning one. 

Data safety

Importantly, with Valigara all your clients’ data is bullet-secured. Valigara is GDPR compliant and holds Amazon’s highest level of security approval, to handle the Personal Identifying Information (PII). 

Sell more, work smart.

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