Buyers Engagement

Create a long-lasting business

What makes the jewelry business worth? Is it unique products? Best sourcing or logistics? Technology or materials?

No. It’s the returning buyers.

Every established business earns 80% of in its income from 20% of clients. These returning clients bring the most value: they are confident to buy from you, they have a good experience with the first purchase, they therefore are ready to pay more for your product. This is why it is important to correctly engage with the buyers after the initial purchase.

What are the components of the clients engagement?

Email marketing – mind your buyers

Personalised emails to your buyers are the most targeted (and easy) way to update the community of your buyers on new products, interesting sales and offers, and communicate to them your ˀmarketing information. It reminds your clients about your great products and raises the brand awareness.

  • Simple way to stay in touch with buyers
  • Quick income source
  • Create brand awareness

Social marketing – grow your online community

Social networks help you stay in touch with your clients and reach new ones by showing yourself to more than a Billiard social networks users. Unlike email marketing, social networks are able to create the “ripple effect”, by turing your clients into your promoters.

  • Utilise the power of the Social marketing
  • Grow your online community
  • Prepare the returning purchase

No matter where the initial contact is made: on eBay, Amazon, at the trade show or somewhere else. Keep the contact and make the buyer return and buy again.

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