Email Marketing

Because Business is Personal

Existing buyers, familiar with you and your products, are the most perspective source of orders. Therefore, staying in contact is extremely important for the jewelry eCommerce. Email is most targeted and easy way to update your buyers about relevant products, sales and offers, changes and other marketing information.


  • Automatically collect buyers in one clients list
  • Quickly send emails to one client or group
  • Use email templates, to save a lot of work
  • Extensive filters to target your marketing emails to relevant auditory
  • Use dynamic elements (buyer name, store address) to make emails personalised
  • Use event-driven emails (order completed, item shipped etc.) to update clients on important events
  • Fully customizable HTML emails
  • Your clients are your real treasure.


Use this knowledge to create a long-lasting jewellery business online.

Email marketing systems integrations

Valigara synchronizes with world-leading systems to manage the email campaigns effectively




MailChimp is the leading Email marketing management system. Valigara allows you to seamlessly sync your online stores clients data with your MailChimp account clients list.

  • Integrate your MailChimp account with Valigara CRM
  • Fetch the marketplace orders data and client information for your email campaigns
  • Assign buyers to relevant MailChimp lists, according to their purchase channel
  • Seamlessly send buyers’ data to Mailchimp
  • Maintain buyers’ information synced between your Valigara CRM and Mailchimp account


SendGrid is the world’s largest cloud-based email delivery platform. Valigara uses SendGrid to safely deliver your transactional and marketing emails to buyers.

  • Send transactional and marketing emails using SendGrid account
  • Assure higher email acceptance rate, track the delivery and improve campaigns results
  • Integrate your personal SendGrid account within Valigara CRM

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