Back-Office integration with jewelry management software

Save your time. Don’t invent the wheel.

Jewelry businesses have long history. Lots of information is accumulated: technical specifications, item pictures, marketing descriptions… With Valigara you are effective – if you already have an existing software for your business, or simply have all the data in one Excel, it can be easily integrated with Valigara. This utilises the existing data, avoids from copy-pasting of your products information, and simplifies your company’s switch to online business.

Integrations with existing Back-Offices

  • Integrate Your existing jewelry management systems to save work and boost sales
  • iDiamondCloud jewelry management software
  • Barak jewelry management software
  • FancyDiamonds Extractor software
  • Tamuz jewelry management software
  • Magento E-Commerce system
  • Excel jewelry catalog integration
  • Any external XML data feed integration

Valigara API

For technical integration, Valigara offers the API (Application Programming Interface). This allows the technical team to dynamically integrate our marketing system into any existing software, no matter which technology it uses. View the API documentation for further information.

View the Valigara API Documentation.

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