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  1. About Valigara API
  2. Acces & Authentication
  3. Requests
  4. Output Format
  5. Standard Response
  6. Message Codes
  7. API Troubleshooting
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1. About Valigara API

 The Valigara API provides our clients a quick access to their data on Valigara.com.

The API is simple to use and in constant development, to make sure that our clients get the best integration with their systems.

Please contact us for the test account credentials.



2. Access & Authentication

 The Valigara API is accessed using the link below, and the auth parameter:




The access key can be found in Dashboard -> My Account -> API tab



3. Requests

Requests are made using the action parameter.

Another optional parameter (specified in [ ] ) is data, which usually consists of JSON formatted information for the action.




Any request must also contain the access key.

Actions are specified in the main API menu by category.

 * For large requests, it is recommended to use a POST request instead of a GET request.


4. Output Format

The default output format is JSON, and it cannot be modified at the moment.



5. Standard Response

A standard response from the server consists of and array with status and data indexes. example:


A standard RAW response from the server example:


6. API Message Codes

100  OK
101  Non HTTPS call
102  Authentication Failed
103  Unauthorized Request

200  Action Not Found
201  Action Failed

300  Data Not Specified
301  Data Decode Failed
302  Partial Content in Data
303  Invalid Data



7. API Troubleshooting

Valigara API will return in response to your requests the http header “X-DEBUG-UID”. Please include its value (as text only) in all questions about your work with Valigara API. If Valigara will not return this header for some reason, please provide the raw http request & raw http response