Jewelry orders management

Orders management

 Jewelry orders require special attention. Custom products, personalization, adjustments, replacing stones and materials… The complexity is high, and the handling process is unique. Receiving the payment, communicating with the customer, packing and fulfillment, following up on the delivery,  managing clients’ satisfaction – these are only some steps of the whole process. 

To make things work smoothly, all the information, all the control, all the planning has to be centralized, tuned, simple to use, and accessible from every place.


Orders aggregation

Collect orders from all sales channels in one place, in one format.
Online and offline, B2B and B2C, multiple currencies. 

Orders Handling

Processing orders requires focus, detailed data and powerful tools. Simplify and speed up orders handling, to provide your buyers best experience!

Integrated solution

Jewelry orders management is closely connected with multiple business activities. Create seamless workflows involving multiple entities, both inside your organization and external ones. 

Make your jewelry sales simple and scalable! With Valigara, the processing of the orders receives a solid structure and foundation. 

Sell more, work smart.

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