Sell jewelry on Walmart

Walmart may not be a major destination for selling jewelry online, but it creates a very specific opportunity for US-based jewelry retailers. The marketplace is one of the top-5 established players in the US eCommerce market, sells millions of dollars of bling in its stores each year, and is limited to US sellers.

Jewelry segment is significant on the marketplace, and makes about 6.5% of Walmart products catalog. There are above 2.5M products in the Jewelry department.

Moreover, Walmart is actively growing, and its jewelry segment was revamped. All the above together creates the right occasion for the jewelry business to grow sales, and stand out from the crowd.

Valigara for selling jewelry on Walmart

Here some of the opportunities to improve your Walmart store performance using Valigara:

  • Mass-posting on Walmart. High level of listings management allows all your jewelry appear on the marketplace quickly, without any mistakes.
  • Revise and edit listings in bulk. Revise your jewelry in bulk to automate your trading process: edit hundreds of listings with a single click. Save time, and invest it on growing your eCommerce business.
  • Generate marketplace data in a click. Use Valigara content generation tools to instantly create titles, descriptions, pricing and all listing components. Create multiple variations of titles to A/B test your product information.
  • Higher listings ranking. Valigara creates unique attributes mapping, and improves listings visibility. Influence ranking factors on Walmart by the strategic use of relevant keywords, tags and description directly from your Valigara account.
  • Export clients and orders. It’s a simple and effective tool for managing your business data. Export a precise information about orders to facilitate the production, orders handling, clients support, accounting or any other use.

Use the good moment to sell jewelry on Walmart, and boost your business with Valigara.

Sell more, work smart.