Purchasing module

Seamless flow between production and buyers

Production and purchasing is the core of the jewelry eCommerce business. Creating, maintaining and updating the jewelry catalog is crucial for the online operations. Precise and quick work with the production department / external suppliers is necessary for answering to trend changes, updating stocks according to growing demands, improving handling times and more.

Purchasing module covers all day-to-day work with suppliers and assures your inventory stay inline with your online sales:

  • Purchasing: create Purchase Orders and send them to your suppliers.
  • Automate replenishment: define per-product Red Levels (minimum replenishment threshold) and Purchase Quantities , to assure your jewelry never goes out of stock.
  • Inventory Receipts: Follow up on your purchase orders’ status and quickly get involved when needed.
  • Keep full suppliers information and history; create the relation between your online catalog and supplier’s production.
  • Handle Transfers between stock locations; see your outstanding stock value in external locations and stocks on the move.
  • Assure proper pricing: sett up desired revenue rates, calculate costs according to the actual purchase, and set relevant pricing for your sales channels.
  • Have your products, metals and gemstones inventory value accessible, any time and any where. Your virtual and real inventory become easy to follow, and transparent.

The combination of the right purchasing and fulfillment procedures creates the seamless stream of the jewelry from your company to the buyers, and is the key to your business scaling.

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