Sell jewelry with Facebook store

Why has social marketing became one of the most critical steps for every business?

Strong presence in leading marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc.) provides good exposition to new potential clients. With that, the real business success lays in the right utilization of the existing clients base. Following the well-known “80%-20%” rule, 80% of the incomes in online jewelry business should be generated by 20% of clients.

Clients Engagement

  1. Engaging the existing clients for returning purchase after the initial sale. Sales, discounts, cross-offers create wide and diverse range of tools.
  2. Engaging the existing clients as your marketing power. Satisfied clients are your best representatives and sales people. Taken as independent, trusted and reliable by their friends, your clients’ influence is huge! Letting them help you spread the information about your unique products can become the turning point for your business. Because unlike any other marketing, they will do it very persistently, from the hart and for free!

Facebook can become an ultimate social marketing tool for any jewelry and diamonds business. Offering visual and emotional products, jewelry and diamonds are very social and viral items. By using this network, jewelers can create an ultimate alternative tool for long-term and very cost-effective online marketing.

Clients Retargeting

Selling jewelry or diamonds on Facebook might be quite tricky and does not always bring immediate sales. This results from the communicative state of mind of Facebook users, who visit Facebook to socialize and not to buy products. And they are not necessary ready to make and even think of purchasing stuff online. This is why it is important to integrate your main selling triggers such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay icons on Facebook. These well recognized triggers switch visitors’ state of mind to online purchases. Valigara provides an optimized Facebook application that can be integrated with 1 click in your Facebook account and will create a stylish, comfortable and effective social tool for your jewelry business.

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