Sell Jewelry on Etsy

Managing 20-100 items on Etsy does not require too much. But having all your jewelry inventory on this central jewelry online sales channel – involves a lot of work and time.


Valigara takes selling jewelry on Etsy to the next level. Mass-post your jewelry to Etsy and edit listings in bulk, update attributes and stock availability, get insights and optimization tips, and improve listings visibility. This and much more ensure your jewelry listings are in the best shape!

Sell Jewelry On Etsy

Bulk list and revise Etsy listings

Reached 200 listings on Etsy? Your business requires a higher level of automation! What if you could list 100 new items to Etsy in 5 minutes, including creating all required data?

Listing and Revising multiple items together saves time dramatically and opens new growth opportunities.


Make your Jewelry stand out

To sell Jewelry on Etsy effectively, you have to make it visible under thousands of other jewelry items. Understanding Etsy search algorithms and making your jewelry match is the key. 

  • Create Etsy titles, keywords, and tags – the key to your jewelry visibility on Etsy.
  • Etsy product variations & quantities support
  • Adjust images and videos to sales seasons in bulk
  • Support Etsy attributes and other search parameters
  • Multiple description templates for different types of jewelry

All these and many others make your jewelry listings on Etsy effective and make your jewelry seen, relevant, attractive to buyers, and sold!


Synchronize Your Jewelry Stock Across Multiple Marketplaces

Selling jewelry on Etsy is an important part of your online presence. This is why it is important to have it synchronized with all your additional shops., f.i. eBay, Amazon, your online web store or any other.


Maximize your online presence while minimizing the risk of overselling and negative client experience. By synchronizing the marketplaces and automatically changing the visibility on each marketplace, Valigara keeps your shops updated with only available jewelry. 


Import your existing Etsy listings 

Advanced listings import fetches all current listings information, including variations, prices, videos, and more. After synchronizing your existing Etsy store with Valigara,  enjoy Valigara’s business intelligence, optimize listings, and improve your sales.


We are here to help!

How to sell jewelry on Etsy?” Sometimes a bit of professional advice can make all the difference. This is why the team of experienced e-commerce advisers is always available for help. We will gladly supervise your work and give precious feedback to improve your Etsy store performance. Our integration partners can help manage your Etsy store from A to Z, so you can concentrate on what you love most: the jewelry. And we will do what we do best: take your online jewelry business to a new level!

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