Wholesale Jewelry Sales Toolkit

The power of large numbers.

Jewelry Wholesale – B2B solutions:

Selling jewelry online does not mean only retail sales. 90% of all jewelry and diamonds’ online distribution volume is B2B.

Valigara’s wholesale solutions simplify working with distributors, resellers,  partners, dropshippers, and on the other side – suppliers and vendors. Avoid annoying email threads, phone explanations, long order processing, and other hassles.


  • Easily manage and search clients and partners lists
  • Create personalized, protected online catalogs, for every wholesale client
  • Distribute your product catalogs with dynamic data feeds 
  • Instantly create an eCommerce website with a dedicated B2B area
  • Connect multiple Valigara accounts to help manage your distributors’ work 
  • Define the layouts, branding, prices, discounts of the personalized catalogs.


Manage distributors and enter new markets:

Use Valigara’s Feeds and CRM modules, to distribute data to thousands of local shops, online shops, store chains, and other jewelry distributors. No need for long trips, worries, risks, and expenses- your online jewelry catalog will present you respectfully and immediately in most distant destinations.


  • Create PDF catalogs of your jewelry and easily distribute them worldwide
  • Engage different types of jewelry distributors by creating separate lines of catalogs

Think big and turn your business into a powerful worldwide enterprise!