Images and videos for jewelry eCommerce

Make your jewelry sparkle online

Jewelry and gemstones are visual products. The right, optimized media kit is crucial for selling jewelry online. Each jewelry is unique, therefore the seller has to provide very good visual information on each product. This is why Valigara pays maximum attention and provides automation tools for handling images and videos of your jewelry.


Make your jewelry images and videos right for the online 



  • Edit, shuffle, flip images in bulk 
  • Automatically resize images for selected dimensions
  • Automatically optimize images quality for online use (according to Google standards)
  • Set images ordering and visibility for each selling channel independently
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Copy pictures between products
  • Separate handling for product images,  gemstone certificates and boxes images
  • Integration with GIA for certificates upload
  • Easily apply watermarks according to each sales channel need
  • Extensive sort and search abilities
  • Optimize product image titles for web and SEO
  • Import images, in bulk, with automatic assign to the right product



  • Automatic conversion of videos into 4 main web formats, for better visibility
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Segoma and RotaryView integration
  • External video storage with direct link
  • Dedicated video storage, for direct upload to websites and marketplace (including eBay requirements match)
  • Upload up to 3 video links and files for each jewelry



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