Data Feeds

Online is all about information

Selling jewelry online means selling the information about jewelry.

The whole process of jewelry eCommerce implies working with your products’ data. Whatever your online strategy is, the core of your operations is managing and sharing data in the way that your distributors or buyers expect.

Data Feeds organize the information about your jewelry products in any required form. Whether you’re uploading it to Google Shopping or Facebook Shop catalog, or sharing it with your dropshippers, resellers or distributors, Data Feeds allow you to have the updated products information accessible for your partners, permanently.

  • Create multiple Data Feeds of any type (csv, xls, xml, json etc.)
  • Flexible data structure to match any format requirements
  • Share the data file online with your partners
  • Instant update of the data feed according to the changes in the product

Where can Data Feeds be most useful? Combine Feeds with Valigara’s Product Information Management (PIM) automation tools, to prepare your jewelry data for:

  • Work with distributors
  • Work with comparison websites
  • Social marketing
  • B2B2C websites
  • External systems integration (websites, mobile apps)

Make your data work for you – make it accessible to the world!

Sell more, work smart.