Brand your jewelry online!

Jewelry eCommerce Website & Branded Points of Sale.  Your online expansion.

We often hear: “My eBay / Etsy / Amazon jewelry store creates a good sales for my jewelry. So it is enough for my online business”. If so, is your website important?


External marketplaces do an excellent job in selling your jewelry online today. Your own points of sale become your online assets, the foundation for the LONG-TERM jewelry business strategy. 


This is why the website and branded points of sale – the final destination for all your clients, all marketing efforts, and the ultimate point of sale – create an established, well-balanced online marketing strategy.


Branded Jewelry eCommerce Tools 

Valigara offers several solutions for creating your branded online presence, matching different business profiles and needs.

  • VSite & VSite Prime – the integrated Jewelry eCommerce Website CMS is the complete solution for your online presence and branding. Simple and powerful, instant and fully customizable, the website is integrated with all online sales channels. Your eCommerce website can be up and running in 1 day with no additional learning and will grow as your online presence expands. 


  • VCatalog – allows you to distribute your jewelry both online and offline, for B2B and B2C. Even before starting your website, multiple online catalogs have your products organized for all your business needs. 


  • Shopping Carts integration – synchronize your website with Valigara. Integrating your existing Magento / WooCommerce / BigCommerce, or other Shopping Cart-based website is easy. Using the plugins for all major Carts, your website is instantly synchronized with the Valigara inventory, stock, orders and clients!

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