Diamonds sales online

Technology for diamond manufacturers: Valigara Online Jewelry Manager is the only system in the world that connects between the traditional diamond industry, professional (wholesale) markets and online retail markets. Valigara enables instant import of your Rapnet catalog into leading retail marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Facebook. Willing to have some of your Rapnet stock on Alibaba? Valigara will do that in seconds! Naturally, not only diamonds trade but all kinds of precious stones are supported.

RAPNET integration

Valigara integrates RAPNET – the central marketplace for professional loose diamond manufacturers and traders online. This integration allows diamond distributors to switch immediately from the professional, low-margin market, to such end-user markets as eBay, Amazon etc. Furthermore, this integration allows the expansion from the pure diamonds business to additional markets as diamonds jewelry.

  • import/export your RAPNET stock
  • synchronize your RAPNET stock with other marketplaces
  • support for diamonds and other precious gemstones

GIA integration

Valigara integrates GIA – the most valued diamonds certification institute. Using this integration, users use the GIA database to automatically fetch most precise information on their gemstones, including the diamond parameters ass issued by GIA, and the certificate file, in PDF and JPG formats.

  • Fetch diamonds data directly from GIA
  • get diamonds certificates according to certificate number
  • support for diamonds and other precious gemstones

Loose Diamonds sales

Selling diamonds online requires special attention. Person buying diamond online performs a good research before making his decision. This means, seller has to provide a good, trustful information about his diamonds. This is why Valigara makes all

  • support for 4C parameters
  • support for extended diamonds parameters, such as overtone, polish, treatment etc.
  • upload up to 2 certificates for diamond

Precious Stones sales

Diamonds sales on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces are very intensive. But sales do not end there. Emeralds, Garnet, Labradorite, Lapis, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Ruby, Citrine and other gemstones are very popular deals. Gemstone sales online differ for 4 main gemstones types: non-precious stones, precious stone, diamonds and pearls. Valigara provides full support for this differentiation. These gemstones can be sold both as loose gemstones, or as part of jewelry. Valigara synchronizes the stock of loose gemstone listings and jewelry containing these gemstones.

  • all types of precious / non-precious gemstones
  • sell gemstones as loose product (stand-alone), and integrated into the jewelry
  • stock synchronization between gemstones sold as loose, and integrated into jewelry piece

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