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Approved for PII - Amazon Personal Identifiable Information! Proud to be the only full-cycle solution for the jewelry industry, approved by Amazon !

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Handling nearly 50% of the whole eCommerce business in the US, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the essential jewelry sales channels.

A wide range of services to cover the sales cycle make the e-commerce giant a real empire. These include Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), advanced paid advertising (PPC) options, Amazon Associates Program, access to Amazon Prime clients, and much more. 

Sell Jewelry on Amazon

Jewelry bulk post and edit


Listing automation for Amazon enables all your inventory to appear on Amazon quickly, with no painful and costly mistakes.

  • Bulk Amazon posting and editing for 1000s of listings
  • Support localized Amazon channels
  • Post listings with variations for all Amazon jewelry types
  • Create data sheets in the Amazon HandMade format
  • Maximize items’ visibility in the search results


Listings optimization and promotion


Thousands of jewelry listings online do not guarantee sales. Only by posting items in suitable formats and with the correct parameters your jewelry receives the desired visibility and conversion rates.

  • Generate Amazon-optimized titles, descriptions, bullets
  • Automatically fill the jewelry data into Amazon attributes
  • Quickly adjust images and media to Amazon’s requirements and seasons
  • Generate and apply seasonal A+ Content in bulk
  • Improve pricing, with the LME real-time gold and precious metals prices feed integration
  • Create content rotation for better listing visibility.


Inventory management

Proper inventory management is crucial for the jewelry posted to multiple sales channels. Overselling can lead to harmful negative feedback from buyers, a worse marketplace resume, and a negative impact on the store’s performance.


  • Full support for Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) and local stock (FBM)
  • Manage multiple FBA and FBM locations
  • Set fallback from FBA to FBM in an out-of-stock case
  • Automatically re-stock and re-fill the inventory
  • Additional sales channels sync, for FBA and FBM


FBA synchronization

Valigara’s Fulfillment module fully synchronizes with Fulfillment By Amazon. 


  • Fetch FBA orders information
  • Approved PII on all orders
  • Use FBA for 3rd party delivery





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