Sell jewelry and diamonds on and

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most important jewelry sales channels. Being one of the most trafficked marketplaces is an obvious advantage – your items get an extreme visibility to millions of users. High requirements to seller is an advantage too, if you plan to create a respectful and high-standards business. The transparency of the marketplace to most search engines, especially Google, helps your jewelry be found on simple web search pages.

Few facts about Amazon: it is No. 1 retail brand, No. 11 traffic generating website (!), more than 150 Million customers, growing twice faster than general e-commerce industry.

With that, Amazon is the only marketplace that offers a wide range of services that can boost your online business. Amazon Associates Program, an access to Amazon Premier clients (a special group of clients who comes to by on Amazon at least once in a month), ability to host your dedicated Amazon store – all these factors make this e-commerce giant a real empire. And it should always be taken it into account.

Items mass post and bulk edit

The high level of listings management automation on Amazon enables all your stock appear on Amazon  quickly, with no painful and costly mistakes.

Import / export your catalog

All the inventory can be easily managed both in the Valigara system, and also outside it using the classical offline tools, such as Excel or similar. The convenient and smart import / export module allows very simple and effective handling of multiple items. It also assures high compatibility of the posted listings to Amazon requirements,  by this maximizing items’ visibility in the search results!

Inventory management, separate stock

Your jewelry can be spread on several selling channels. This is why it is extremely important to define the amount of the jewelry available on each marketplace, separately. Also, Valigara assures the full synchronization of the Amazon stock with other marketplaces, Facebook purchases and dedicated  online catalog. To avoid overselling of items which can lead to the harmful negative feedbacks from clients, worse marketplace resume and so negative impact on the stores performance.

Each item is important!

Having thousands of jewelry pieces online doesn’t assure good sales! Only by posting items in right formats, right categories, with right parameters your jewelry receives the desired visibility and sell-ability. One filled in Valigara system, You can be sure your items will have all important fields and parameters posted to Amazon in proper way!