Sell jewelry and diamonds on eBay

eBay is with no doubt one of the most influencing online marketplaces. Attracting millions of buyers, eBay provides sellers a unique opportunity of having your jewelry and diamonds visible to the huge, stable, diverse and constantly growing audience.

Adjust your jewelry to eBay

How do you get your rings, earrings and necklaces visible between another hundreds of thousands of beautiful jewelry? How make eBay prefer your bracelets, gemstones, loose diamonds in most selling jewelry categories? Creating an optimized listing is one of the most important parameters.

Knowing all nuances of the eBay “Best match” algorithm is not easy. This is why Valigara Online Jewelry makes the automatic synchronization between your jewelry description and eBay’s items structure. Valigara analyzes all Jewelry categories structure and maximally fills it with what it knows about your jewelry. By this, potential buyers have more chance to find your items in the search results results!

Bulk list and revise your listings.

Managing your eBay store is easy with 50 items. Growing on, your business requires higher level of automation. Listing and Revising several (and maybe hundreds and thousands) of items at the same time allow to dramatically save time and concentrate on more important work.

Import and export your existing stock

Work effective and avoid duplicate work! If you have an existing catalog of your jewelry and gemstones, or if you are used to use external tools such as Excel or other for pricing, editing and reviewing your catalog, you can always quickly export all information, and import it back into the system.

Manage eBay sales

Sales and discounts are part of e-commerce game.  ”35% Christmas sale!!!” , “50% end of season discount!!!”,  ”November special offers!!” – this phrases are clear and loved by everyone. Sales and discounts are part of the game. This is why Valigara Online Jewelry Manager provides a unique opportunity to manage your jewelry discounts on most marketplaces.

Quickly add items on sale, per product or per collection; Define discounts as percentage or amount from the price; Schedule discounts to run in precise dates.

Support for advanced eBay options

eBay provides plenty of additional tools for reaching your customers. Therefore, with Valigara you are able to

  • create multi-variations for items
  • create advanced scheduling schemes
  • update personalized “Item specifics”
  • update pricing for your jewelry
  • easily manage your eBay store
  • create cross-promotions

These are only small part of how Valigara makes your items stronger for competition and sell better!


Manage eBay’s customers and orders easily

Selling your jewelry on eBay is not an one-day story. To create a living jewelry business online, gaining an outstanding reputation is the key of the game. For this, an outstanding service, quick shipping and timely updates to you clients are mandatory. Valigara offers

  • quick upload for tracking numbers
  • mail templates for communication with clients, cross-sales and post-sales.
  • full update of ordered details
  • storing relevant documents in the system (such as post shipping approval)


But isn’t it better to try it yourself for free, instead of reading about it?