Sell jewelry and diamonds on eBay

eBay is undoubtedly one of the most influential online marketplaces. Selling jewelry on eBay grants a unique contact with a high-quality, stable, diverse, and constantly growing audience all over the world.

Make your jewelry sell on eBay.

How to make your jewelry visible in such a crowded marketplace as eBay? There are many factors, but an optimized eBay listing is one of the keys to success.

Knowing all the nuances of the eBay Best Match algorithm is not easy. To boost your jewelry visibility, Valigara automatically maps your jewelry details to eBay’s item structure — Item Specifics. Valigara analyzes the Jewelry category structure and fills the required search parameters with the jewelry information. This increases potential buyers’ chances of finding your jewelry in eBay’s search results!

Bulk list and revise your listings

Managing your eBay store is easy with 50 items. Growing on, your business requires a higher level of automation. Listing and Revising hundreds and thousands of items in one action dramatically saves time and mistakes and lets you concentrate on more important “human” work.

  • Bulk Post jewelry and gemstones
  • Adjusted to eBay’s “Best Match” algorithm
  • Pre-set Item Specifics 
  • Connect multiple eBay accounts
  • Support for international eBay sites
  • Generate all listing content on the fly
  • Full support for branded descriptions

Import your existing listings.

Quickly import the information for eBay’s existing jewelry and gemstones catalog. Besides the basic information, this will fetch the listing format, media, and Item Specifics data.  Valigara will preserve the structure of the variations. All the information will be stored in the correct product fields in the Valigara system.

  • Flexible Listings Import for the existing inventory
  • Automatically map Item Specifics into jewelry fields
  • Fetch product images and  HTML descriptions
  • Keep existing listing variation structure
  • Fetch variations information, including prices and quantity
  • Pre-fetch information into the Excel file, for data customization and improvement
  • Migrate gradually, by controlling only selected listing parameters 

Valigara can take control gradually, allowing you to start improving specific parameters of the listings while keeping the rest of the listing untouched.

Advanced eBay listing options

Valigara converts the know-how of selling jewelry on eBay into professional jewelry software:

  • create multi-variations jewelry listings in bulk
  • generate optimized titles, and mobile-friendly descriptions, automatically
  • map the gemstones and jewelry data to the eBay Item Specifics
  • quickly update the pricing and inventory of your jewelry
  • schedule list and revise – get your jewelry in front of buyers’ eyes at the right time
  • improve your jewelry photography with box photos, seasonal promotional images, watermarks, and videos
  • easily manage your eBay categories and policies
  • create cross-promotions  – increase your conversion rates

Make your jewelry stronger for competition and sell better!

Manage eBay’s customers and orders.

Selling your jewelry on eBay is not a one-day story. To create a successful online jewelry business, gaining an outstanding reputation is the key to the game. Quick shipping and timely updates to your clients are mandatory to provide outstanding service. Valigara provides:

  • seamless integration with fulfillment centers and shipping carriers
  • orders management, history, and advanced analysis
  • print, export, and email orders
  • bulk upload tracking numbers
  • built-in CRM and email marketing tools
  • email templates for cross-sale and post-sale communication with clients
  • store relevant attachments (such as post-shipping approval)


So… Is selling jewelry on eBay easy or complicated?


One thing is sure – it has to be done right!

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