Business intelligence tools

BI tools help jewelry sellers to improve their decision-making and collaboration with customers. It provides the means for efficient reporting through data analysis and stats.

Some of Valigara’s BI tools:

  • Dashboard
  • Performance report
  • Changelog
  • Statistics
BI tools for jewelry

Performance Dashboard

Valigara Dashboard helps you to quickly identify points which drag your performance back, and stresses the missed opportunities. Multiple factors summarize your current account status, providing products-based feedback, channel-specific opportunities, and alerts on ineffective or conflicting situations.

Some of Dashboard alerts point your attention to:

  • Missing tags, keywords and detailed information about products.
  • Low images count
  • Ineffective products title or description
  • Items inactive, or jewelry with low number of views.

All the information is unified using our unique Online Health algorithm, which grades your current online performance and allows to follow your business direction.

Performance report

Performance report provides high-level business summary of eCommerce performance: items distribution, sales, clients, products post and account operation activity. Moreover, every customer can receive a monthly report via email to keep up with the latest changes.

This report enables jewelers to identify trends and the growth potentials within their company. The set of analytical reports aid in formulating strategies for achieving business goals and objectives.


It is the right place to find the complete history of product performance online. Changelog provides fresh data for deeper analytics: views and sales graphs help to identify all your actions and their positive or negative impact on your selling results. For example, compare the current value of the item and the previous one, and see the way it changes your selling results.

Statistics on Valigara

Building and growing a successful business requires a solid strategy grounded in facts. It is important to use accurate data to guide smart decisions.

Integrated statistics and analysis, client performance and behavior are vital for building business strategy. Using statistics on Valigara you can:

  • Compare performance of the whole collection or each item (model, material and etс) on different marketplaces.
  • View and filter your daily/ weekly/ monthly data.
  • Receive information about visitors and views per country;
  • Find out trends and the way seasonality affects your jewelry business.