Insights and Analytics

Online Health Meter

Our unique algorithm analyzes your online presence and compares it to industry best practices. This allows you easily identify the strong and weak sides of your business and adjust accordingly. Have you forgotten to update the jewelry listing titles according to new eBay standards? Health Meter will alert you about that. Forgot to upload photos of your jewelry? Valigara’s Health Meter algorithm will find these items and point your attention. Got no active sales? Health Meter will remind you to create one. 

  • Missing information about products
  • Short eBay / Etsy titles
  • Missing Etsy keywords
  • Missing images of products
  • Inactive / unwatched products
  • more…



Selling without receiving feedback from your customers is similar to driving a car with your eyes closed. Integrated statistics and analysis  of your jewelry sales, your clients performance and behavior, your jewelry and diamonds listings on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces – is most important part of work. Especially in industry with such a high competition as jewelry and diamonds online sales.

  • Compare channels performance to approach your clients effectively
  • How do your catalog items perform on eBay, Etsy and each marketplace?
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and custom range information.
  • Jewelry views on eBay per country.
  • Visitors information
  • Trends and seasonality

Learn from your customers to become more efficient!