Valigara enhances the IDI pavilion at the JCK

Valigara is proud to announce that it will sponsor the Israeli Diamonds Institute (IDI) pavilion at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas event.


JCK for IDIJCK Las Vegas


The future of jewelry and diamond trade shows is digital, and Valigara is excited to help the Israeli Diamonds Institute pavilion members reach more buyers than ever before. 


As the technology sponsor, we will provide all the IDI pavilion members with our advanced VCatalogs – online digital catalogs that will transform the physical event into an immersive digital experience.


For exhibitors:

Each exhibitor in the IDI pavilion will receive a personalized digital online catalog to showcase their full product line. This extends the 4-day JCK event into a permanent online presence and enables the sellers to reach a wider audience before the event, run online marketing campaigns, and create a modern, quick-to-explore inventory presentation during the event.


For buyers:

The benefits of VCatalogs extend to buyers as well, allowing them to research exhibitors and products ahead of time. Once at the event, buyers can seamlessly connect with sellers, viewing the full catalog while discussing potential deals.


For the Israeli Diamond Institute

All sellers’ products are organized in one centralized online catalog, managed by IDI. With the wide network of industry connections, IDI will focus its digital marketing efforts around the catalog, creating additional opportunities for the exhibitors. During the show, the catalog will perform as a navigation point for all visitors of the IDI pavilion.


Israel diamonds and jewelry


At Valigara, our passion goes beyond pure business. We are committed to supporting Israel and showcasing to the world why this country is a beacon of top-notch technologies and entrepreneurial spirit. This event is a perfect platform to remind everyone of Israel’s incredible contributions to the tech world, and more specifically, to the ever-evolving jewelry and diamond markets.


This sponsorship builds on Valigara’s history of supporting digitalization in the Israeli diamond industry. We are proud to partner with IDI to take the JCK experience to new heights.


Let’s connect at JCK Las Vegas to see how Valigara can maximize your event ROI!

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