Valigara Integrates with Sirv

Sirv Jewelry Images Management

Dear Valigara Community,


We are excited to announce an important enhancement to our platform’s capabilities by strengthening our existing integration with Sirv, formerly known as Rotaryview. This enhancement is designed to complement and expand upon our recent integration with, providing an additional digital asset management solution for our users.


Importance of Digital Assets in Jewelry eCommerce

In jewelry eCommerce, the quality of product presentation directly impacts consumer engagement and purchasing decisions. Recognizing this, our collaboration with Sirs enhances Valigara’s digital asset management capabilities. It allows for the storage of Sirv digital assets in the Media block and integrates the Sirv video player into Valigara’s VCatalog and VSite systems, offering an improved visual product experience.


About Sirv


Sirv is a leader in high-resolution imaging technology, offering features that include interactive 360-degree product views and advanced zoom capabilities. These tools are crucial for providing an immersive online shopping experience that can mimic the in-store experience, thereby increasing consumer engagement and confidence. At Valigara, we see a successful implementation of Sirv technology in the jewelry eCommerce businesses. 


Advancing Jewelry and Diamonds eCommerce

This integration underscores Valigara’s commitment to being at the forefront of jewelry and diamond eCommerce. As a Product Information Management (PIM) system, we understand the critical role of digital assets in online retail. Through continuous platform development, we aim to ensure Valigara remains the leading management system in the jewelry and diamonds trade, offering our clients unparalleled tools for showcasing and selling their products.


By augmenting our integration with Sirv, alongside other jewelry DAM systems, Valigara continues to lead the way in jewelry and diamonds eCommerce. This strategic enhancement reaffirms our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to support your business needs, ensuring that our platform not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the modern online retailer.


We are dedicated to supporting your success in the digital marketplace. Please contact us with any inquiries or for assistance regarding this new integration.




The Valigara Team

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