Valigara introduces Generative AI for jewelry content management

Artificial Intelligence for Jewelry Industry

Advanced content creation is a core functionality of Valigara. We are glad to arm our jewelry PIM module with the power of AI!


Advantages of Using AI for Content Generation


Integrating AI into our content generation process brings a host of advantages.

  • Firstly, it dramatically enhances efficiency, allowing us to produce content unprecedentedly. This is crucial for keeping up with the fast-moving online jewelry market and ensuring our listings are always fresh and engaging.
  • Secondly, AI introduces a level of creativity and variability that’s hard to achieve with traditional methods. By understanding and learning from a wide range of styles and trends, AI can generate unique and captivating content that stands out.
  • Thirdly, AI-powered content is highly scalable, making it easier to expand our offerings without sacrificing quality or consistency.
  • AI is able to dive directly into the media, analyzing images similar to humans, and combining data-based content with artistic content stored in the digital assets of jewelry.
  • Finally, the personalization capabilities of AI mean we can tailor content to specific market segments or customer preferences, significantly improving engagement and conversion rates.


AI-Assisted Content Generation vs. Template-Based Content Generation

While our current template-based content generation system offers precision, predictability, and control, integrating AI brings a new dimension of creativity and dynamism. The AI’s ability to generate diverse and engaging content goes beyond the structured approach of templates, offering fresh perspectives and innovative descriptions that can captivate our audience.


However, it’s important to stress that AI does not come to replace our template system but rather complements it. By combining the reliability and precision of template-based content with the creativity and adaptability of AI, we enhance our ability to produce high-quality, compelling jewelry eCommerce content that accurately represents our jewelry pieces and resonates with our customers.


How the New Tool Works

Our innovative approach leverages the strengths of both AI and our existing template-based system. Unlike the straightforward application of content templates, we now use these templates to craft detailed prompts for ChatGPT. These prompts are sent in bulk, and ChatGPT responds with rich, AI-generated content that is directly placed into the product fields. This process not only streamlines content creation but also infuses it with a level of creativity and personalization that was previously unattainable. By guiding the AI with our proven templates, we ensure that the content remains on-brand and relevant while still benefiting from the AI’s ability to generate diverse and engaging narratives.


Combining AI with Existing Content Creation Methods

To maximize the benefits of AI while maintaining the precision of our template-based system, we adopt a hybrid approach. For instance, we can use AI to generate creative product descriptions and engaging stories around our jewelry, enhancing the emotional appeal. Simultaneously, we rely on templates for critical, structured information like specifications, metadata, and SEO keywords to ensure accuracy and consistency. This combination allows us to captivate our audience with compelling narratives while providing all the necessary details in a precise and reliable format.



At Valigara, we are thrilled to enhance our jewelry eCommerce toolkit with this modern, AI-assisted content generation tool. By blending the new AI capabilities with our proven template-based system, we’re setting a new standard for content creation in the jewelry industry. We’re excited about the possibilities this brings to our platform and our clients, further establishing Valigara as a forward-thinking leader in jewelry software.

P.S. From the author: this content was created with the help of AI. Not by AI. 🙂 While using AI as a strong language modelling tool, the core content has  to be professionally provided, and verified after creation. 

Welcome to the era of AI! 🙂

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