Logistics and Fulfillment Management 

Handle orders effectively 


Logistics is one of the most important parameters of the inventory management and the jewelry eCommerce business. Prompt  and safe delivery of the jewelry to the client is mandatory for the good buying experience, which is mandatory for the buyer’s satisfaction. What questions targets Valigara in the Logistic area?

  • Handling different shipping methods and profiles
  • Handling multiple stock locations of the products
  • Communicating the delivery status to the buyer
  • Integrating external carriers
  • Preparing the paperwork, required for shipping
  • Special agreements with post carriers

The clients’ buying experience does not end with the sale. The final impression is strongly influenced by the speed and the quality of your logistics.

Fulfilment services integration

Fulfilment services allow seller to place his jewelry in external warehouses. Once the order arrives, the fulfilment service fully handles it, including packing, selecting the post carrier, sending and sometime insuring the parcel. By creating the network of warehouses, fulfilment addresses several goals:

  • Improve the sales by placing the jewelry close to the clients
  • Provide better service due to quick handling of the orders
  • handle seasonal peaks without increasing the staff
  • save on the in-house staff

Valigara provides the required tools to introduce fulfilment solution into the jewelry and diamonds business:

  • Integration of external fulfilment services
    • Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)
    • EFulfilmentService (EFS)
  • Assigning specific stock locations to the specific accounts, countries
  • Full automation of orders handling
  • Synchronisation of the in-house stock and the fulfilled products

Fulfilment plays a crucial role in the jewelry eCommerce business development, by taking the logistics to the next level and so enabling the higher level of customer service.

Start growing with the right logistics!