25 Key Features for Successful Jewelry E-commerce by Valigara

What makes Valigara the ultimate tool for jewelry eCommerce?

Here are the 25 game-changers uniquely tailored by Valigara for jewelry business digital growth.

Online Jewelry Management 

  1. Content Generators for products data based on the jewelry parameters – for online distribution
    • Titles, Descriptions
    • Tags & Keywords
    • Channel-related content (bullets, A Content, tags, etc.)
    • SEO & PPC-related content
  2. Jewelry-specific, dynamic product structure – for optimized online presence
  3. Virtual Inventory creation – combine the existing Gemstones with Models and Materials – enrich your online product line

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Jewelry Inventory Online

  1. Jewelry-specific Inventory: dedicated Jewelry, Gemstones, Models, and Metals storage
  2. Enhanced Gemstones inventory:
    • Single vs. Parcel
    • Diamonds, Precious & Non-Precious
  3. Automatic calculation of jewelry field values (Materials weight, product length, totals, cost, etc.)
  4. Gemstone changes logging – for follow-up and tax authorities’ registration and reporting.
  5. Instant inventory display for Jewelry, Gemstones, and Metals – for purchasing, control, and regulatory

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Jewelry-first Media Storage

  1. Improved media storage & enrichment – for better online performance of jewelry
  2. Separate handling of Product Images, Promotional images, Gemstone Certificates
  3. Bulk upload of certificates, with instant conversion and online optimization 

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Online Jewelry Distribution

  1. Full synchronization and automatic update of all online asses
    • websites
    • catalogs
    • marketplaces
    • distributors
    • social channels
  2. Integrated jewelry eCommerce websites with pre-made designs
  3. Remove items from online channels when a unique gemstone is sold
  4. Automatic mapping of gemstone and jewelry parameters to online sales channels parameters for better SEO

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Jewelry-first Software Integrations

  1. Online tools & sales channels integrations: GIA, Rapnet, Segoma
  2. Gold prices feed integration – for cost calculation
  3. Jewelry & diamond ERP systems integration

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Analytics and Actionable Insights

  1. SKU vs. Model statistics – for better identification of sales opportunities
  2. Comparing sales performance according to any jewelry parameter (metal purity, gemstone color) or their combination 
  3. Marketplace-specific insights – guiding for selling your jewelry better
  4. Jewelry catalog insights – identification of missing jewelry data in the catalog

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Daily Operational tools

  1. Generate & Print documentation:
    • Appraisals and other customer-facing documentation
    • Internal documentation: Memos, Invoices,  Production slips, etc.
    • Barcodes, Jewelry Tags & QR-codes
  2. Clients & Orders search (CRM)
    • lookup according to parameters of purchased jewelry & gemstone
    • Automatic emails & marketing emails
    • for better service, after-sale, and cross-sales opportunities
  3. External manufacturers interface – for casters, setters, and other production partners

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Most important: Global Leadership in jewelry eCommerce technology

  1. Professional B2B network of jewelry and gemstone vendors and top eCommerce distributors
  2. A unique network of jewelry-focused providers in all fields of jewelry eCommerce
  3. 30 years of our team’s joint experience in jewelry eCommerce

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