How to Use Photos When Selling Jewelry on Marketplaces

How to Use Photos When Selling Jewelry on Marketplaces

How to Use Photos When Selling Jewelry on Marketplaces

Having an online jewelry store does not automatically translate into sales. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, where a customer can see and try an item on, in the online world it is the photos that make the sale. Particularly for jewelry items, photography plays an essential role in showcasing the multiple intricacies and aspects that are important to a buyer. Let’s explore how to make use of photos to get your jewelry items selling online.

     1.  Use High-Quality Photos


Sharp, top-quality pictures speak volumes about your brand. Not only that, but poor-quality visuals can actually deter prospects from making a purchase. For example, one of the most common mistake sellers make is using too much or too little light in their photos. Buyers need to see clear details, and glares or shadows prevent them from doing so. The harder they have to struggle to analyze an item, the less likely they are to buy.


It might be worth investing in a professional photographer or equipment to ensure the best quality for your visuals. If you’re selling a large quantity and/or variety of products, you may also want to consider having an in-house photography or design team.


     2.  Include Different Types of Photos


When a buyer is in a physical store, they have the ability to flip, touch, and try on the item they want to purchase. As a jewelry seller, you have to recreate that experience online. Here are a few ways you can do so:

  •  try shooting from different angles so that buyers can observe thickness, markings, shapes, etc.
  •  have pictures of all existing variations of the jewelry such as by stone color, by material, etc. 
  •  if you’re going to be listing multiple pieces, take some shots of the entire set so that the viewer gets a feel for the whole collection
  •  include lifestyle images of real people wearing your products to give buyers an understanding on how the items can complement their looks and style
  •  take a few photos where you zoom into the important or unique features of the products to highlight them even further
  •  have a light or bright background as these images are more noticeable in search results
  •  make the style of your pictures consistent – keep the size, design, placement the same throughout the whole set; this will become your “visual language,” a part of your brand identity that will distinguish you from your competitors

 add pictures of any certifications that would attest to the value of your product


     3.  Follow Marketplace Requirements


Besides considering the customer’s preferences, you also need to keep in mind each marketplace that you’re planning to list your products on. Every single one of them is different in both their target audience and requirements. So let’s review a few best practices in this context:

  • Make sure that you have suitable images for each marketplace, (e.g. artistic photos for Etsy, clear photos for eBay or Amazon, etc.)
  • Don’t use text or logos on images. This is often a marketplace policy violation
  • Enable the zoom option for your images on the marketplace
  • Review how your pictures appear on search results for different marketplaces and adjust proportions accordingly (e.g. square images look best on eBay vs vertical images for Etsy)
  • Have a minimum of five images and a maximum of 12
  • Add captions to your images and make sure you include all relevant product specifications (e.g. karats, size, color, etc.)
  • If allowed, add videos besides pictures, as well – this gives additional depth to your products

Many strategies can make or break the success of your online store. Photography is definitely one of those. If you get your visuals right, you are off to a great start. Try the tips above and see how much more traction you can bring to your online store.

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