Increasing Online Jewelry Sales Through Seasonal Images

Increasing Online Jewelry Sales Through Seasonal Images

Increasing Online Jewelry Sales Through Seasonal Images by valigara team
Jewelry is a seasonal business. Most sales in this industry happen during holidays and important occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentines. So, as a jewelry seller, you need to capitalize on these seasons, and the best way to do so is by creating promotions and products’ relation to the specific event.


Promotions can include discounts, bundles, or shipping deals (e.g. “25% off” or “order before December and get free shipping”). Such offers are usually advertised well in advance, either on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, on a store’s own website, or on social media.


While these campaigns are attractive by themselves, their potential can be maximized through the right visualization. Let’s take a look at how to use pictures during a sale season to increase your revenue and reach.


Products vs Experience:

It’s important to remember that, during such occasions, you are not selling a product but an experience (e.g. Christmas gifting, Black Friday affordability, etc.). So, some of the images you use should allude to those feelings and emotions. Few examples


  • A picture with a jewelry box under the Christmas tree would show the customer exactly where their purchase would end up and allow them to imagine how the end-receiver would feel when seeing it.
  • Adding some snowflakes to the ring size chart create the relation to Christmas, while placing hearts and red flower petals – to Valentines
  • Promotional image ”Special 35% off on all Classic collection – special gift to your Mom” guide your buyer to search for the collection, promote the discount and create the relation to Mother’s day


Season-related images like these can be used for banners or flyers, or simply by themselves, and should be updated for every new season. Keep in mind to use relevant holiday colors (e.g. red and green for Christmas, or black for Black Friday) to make the season more easily identifiable and, thus, the promotion more quickly spotted.


These, however, are not the only kind of images you can use. In fact, buyers are less likely to purchase anything from a listing with less than 5 images. And they shouldn’t all be about the season. Here are the main picture categories, and at each one you can include the season relation:


  • Product details (high resolution, close-up)
  • Product in use (aka lifestyle pictures)
  • Gemstone certificate or jewelry appraisal
  • Jewelry size chart(s)
  • Packing and offer (flyers, inlays, discount offers)


The more varied your photographs, the more likely they are to be picked up by search engines too. Wherever possible, remember to also add relevant, descriptive alt text to these images to improve your SEO (search engine optimization).


To make them even more impactful, include a logo on your pictures as well. Branded images increase trust and brand recognition, which could lead to repeat buys in the future.


Season relations should be created not only on the product images, but also on the storefront / shop / brand level. This means, seasonality should be added to the store banners and main slider images, or even specific website header and footer elements


In the end, the use of visuals to drive sales isn’t a new technique. Prior to eCommerce, jewelry sellers used to mail catalogs directly to a prospect’s door. That was a large investment which, thankfully, is no longer needed.


The advent of technology has made this process much simpler and quicker. Nowadays, you only need a handful of great quality images, which can be used on every online platform, and take only around 10 minutes to edit. Then, with the right automation tools, you can update your listings in less than a minute and voila; you could see a 10-15% increase in profits in no time.


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