Jewelry eCommerce News – August 2021

Jewelry ecommerce news August 2021

The end of the summer is one of the most exciting times for eCommerce sellers. As schools are starting to open up and holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, are approaching, you are probably preparing new campaigns and trying to stay on budget. So we have prepared a few news pieces that we think you’ll find quite useful for the upcoming season.


Now, like always, we want to encourage you to share with us your own news and tips. We love hearing from you. So, if you have any newsworthy stories that others in our industry could benefit from, then use this newsletter as an opportunity to spread the word! Together is the best way to move forward.

Jewelry eCommerce News 📰

Amazon, Walmart and PayPal are looking into cryptocurrency eCommerce solutions


Cryptocurrency is no longer synonymous with investing. 

Many eCommerce giants, such as Walmart and Amazon, as well as multiple payment gateways, like PayPal, are planning to adopt crypto solutions by the end of this year, to facilitate purchases. Walmart has already expanded into non-retail revenue streams, like money transfers. Amazon is currently on the lookout for bitcoin specialists and will likely develop their own crypto token soon. 


So, if you’ve been hesitating about jumping on this payment trend, now is the time to toss that uncertainty away because crypo is a done deal.

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Alibaba promises to deliver anything in 72 hours worldwide


Alibaba, a large supplier in the eCommerce world, plans to gain a larger piece of the market outside China by offering faster shipping options. 


They will achieve this through strategic partnerships with delivery companies, many of which have already been established in Europe. Their 72 worldwide delivery hours are difficult to match by most of the global eCommerce players. 


Alibaba used to be a local seller in the jewelry world. Now, their shipment changes combined with their low prices, make them a new force to be reckoned with.

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Walmart has crossed the 100 000 online sellers threshold

For the second year in a row, Walmart has doubled its list of third-party sellers to reach 100 000.


The marketplace has now become the second biggest player in the eCommerce industry, after Amazon. They’ve achieved this milestone by partnering with sites like Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as by expanding the number of countries allowed to sell on their platform. 


Due to their fast growth, advertising will soon become crucial for sellers to stand out among their competition.

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New eBay fulfillment center opens in the UK

Finally! Ebay is jumping on the bandwagon.


By partnering with Orange Connex and using their facilities, the eCommerce giant has established a new fulfillment center in the UK. Fulfillment is a major component of any successful marketplace and eBay’s move is long due. 


With the new center, the company is now able to offer faster delivery options, same-day handling, improved overall logistics, and better seller protection solutions. We hope this helps eBay get back to a leading position in the jewelry world, which was strongly influenced by its logistics shortcomings.

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New management leads eBay to switch its sales strategy

Ebay’s Head of Seller Experience Department left the company this summer. This followed the former CEO, Devin Wenig, stepping down from his position in 2019. 


The two moves prompted eBay to revise their sales strategies. The new CEO, Jamie Iannone, has now decided to focus on improving the experience of high-value buyers, instead of all buyers, on the platform. His reason is that, even though they represent only 20% of their prospects, they make up for 70% of the company’s GMV (gross sales). 


This could represent a new era for fine/niche jewelry sellers.

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Amazon struggling with its new FBA inventory features

Amazon completely revamped their inventory workflow process, without customer input or prior announcements. 


This left many FBA sellers unimpressed, to put it mildly. Titled “Send to Amazon,” the new feature would allow sellers to send smaller packages, make edits after confirming shipment, and ship more than one SKU per box. 


While the changes sounded exciting at first, complaints and improvement recommendations regarding multiple logistical issues, immediately trickled in. Amazon has not responded to them yet. However, we are expecting their inventory and logistics solutions to keep improving and soon!

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UK will increase its overall warehouse space by 60% in 2021


In 2021, the UK will see 3.4 million square meters of new warehouse spaces being built. 


This is a 60% increase from last year, making warehouses the latest boom in the construction industry and suggesting a new era for eCommerce growth in the kingdom. Amazon itself has signed for 18 new buildings alone. 


With every £1 billion of sales needing around 130,000 square meters of space, we are looking at an increase of around £26 billion in sales by next year, much of which will be in eCommerce. This proves, again, that logistics are a critical part if you are looking to move into the online world as a jewelry seller.

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eBay allows promoted listings in the UK to be featured outside their platform


UK sellers now have the option to promote their eBay listings on partner websites and search engines, like Google or Bing, at no extra cost. 


The platform’s campaign reports have also been updated to include the performance of externally promoted listings, as well. This will further expand visibility for both sellers and eBay itself. 


The move also serves to demonstrate how important cross-channel marketing is when selling online.

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Amazon is on track with its $120 billion spending plan to improve its services


Amazon has been creating strategic partnerships with hundreds of thousands of US service providers and supply sellers to improve their fulfillments centers and overall operations. 


This spending has been consistently increasing by about 20% each year, showing that Amazon will continue to be a large player in the eCommerce world for years to come. Improved operations and services could also mean an improved seller experience going forward.

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FedEx announces fee surcharges for the upcoming peak season


FedEx, like most other carriers worldwide, will increase their shipping prices gradually, over the next few months, reaching up to a 500% surcharge during the holiday season. 


While UPS and DHL have not yet released their new prices, we are expecting to see similar jumps for them as well. For bulk shipments of over 25 000 weekly packages, the fees will be even higher. So stay tuned and watch your provider’s updates when preparing for the holidays season.

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News from Valigara 👀


Our newsletter is not the only content we put out every month. We also have blogs and in-depth articles that are tailored to your needs as a jewelry seller. Our latest one was about selling successfully on Etsy. Go ahead and check them out on our blog page:


Besides creating useful content, we’ve also made some small but game-changing improvements to our Valigara online sales management platform. It’s a small step in our inventory management system, but a big step for increasing your sales! 


Ok, suspense over… we’ve implemented a new workflow to manage inventory on multiple channels for jewelers who sort their stocks by gemstones parcel weight. Here are the changes: 


– Once parcel weight goes to 0kg/lbs, all related listings can be removed from all channels automatically. You can also be notified by the system instead of inactivating listings. 

-On the orders side, you can simply decrease gemstone weight from the related parcel right in the order.

We’re quite excited about these new features! Let us know how they work for you.

Igor’s Tip of the Month: Your eCommerce sales are just one piece of the puzzle

Specialist Sell jewelry online

Ecommerce is an extension of your existing business.


It took you years to build what you have in the offline world; it would be a pity not to utilize it for your next move – your online store.



Online is just another way of reaching your clients. E-commerce shouldn’t become a stand-alone operation, separate from your offline business.



When shaping your online business strategy, use your existing business assets, specific attributes, team skills and knowledge, past history of success, etc. Define your strengths in the offline world, and extend them into your online operations.“.

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