Jewelry Guide for the Winter Season

Jewelry Guide for the Winter Season

Jewelry Guide for the Winter Season
It’s the season to be jolly, and that comes with lots of adornments for both our houses and ourselves. Winter jewelry is perhaps one of the most sophisticated categories because it has to tackle multiple challenges, including thick clothing and weather damage.


As a jewelry seller, you need to bring solutions to those challenges in your winter collection. Also, given the holiday season, your categories need to address both personal wear and gifting. This is the time when you briefly acquire a new market because many of your customers will likely buy for others as well. Jewelry has been a popular gift item for centuries, not only because it represents value but also because it’s a common go-to when you don’t know what to buy someone.


So how can you make sure your jewelry will be among your clients’ top choices? Here are a few areas to consider for your designs.


     1.  Shape

As mentioned earlier, winter comes with thick clothing for most of your global customers. Therefore, flat or not bulky jewelry that can easily be covered by scarves or gloves would be more practical. Also, adjustable or overly long bracelets and necklaces that can be worn on top of clothes are popular as well.

Chokers are still in fashion this year and a great choice for winter. Lastly, any jewelry with sharp corners that will poke the skin or snag clothing should be avoided during this season.


     2.  Material

Snow and rain are common in the winter; so your jewelry should be able to withstand such weather without getting rusty, cracking easily, or shrinking too much in size. Also keep in mind that metals can get cold if directly exposed to the air, and therefore may be uncomfortable to wear directly on the skin.

 To address that, you could consider some metal alternatives such as wood or resin, or covering your jewelry with some material like velvet or silk. Lastly, to keep up with the winter theme, you could add pearls and icy-looking gems to your items.


     3.  Convenience

Being under or over clothing, winter jewelry is easy to get lost or tangled. So preventing this should also be an important point to consider in your collection. Trading hoop earrings for ear clips and adding sturdy backstops to your earpieces are great options to provide to your clients. This year, the trend to wear a single earring or a number of thick bangles is still popular. So make use of it for a more convenient experience.


      4. Purpose

Accessories are a big selling point during the winter and jewelry can be used for them, as well. So jump on the bandwagon and create some pieces used to decorate bags, belts, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves, and head accessories. Brooches are also a good idea, though more of a vintage option usually preferred by a narrow target market (gen X mainly). Nevertheless, this trend gives you plenty of room to get creative and innovative.


These are some of the main points to consider for your winter jewelry collection when it comes to personal purchases. However, all your other pieces can still be popular as gift items. So, for better market coverage, it’s a wise idea to focus on both of these categories and make use of the latest trends.

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Jewelry Guide for the Winter Season


Jewelry Guide for the Winter Season
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