Optimizing your jewelry visibility on eBay with Item Specifics

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We at Valigara are often asked why we so much insist on filling all Item specifics of the jewelry item on eBay. Why is it so important? How does it help in winning the buyer’s attention and competing with other thousands beautiful jewelry items on eBay?

First, ignoring the Item specifics lowers item’s visibility on eBay. How? The thing is, 
Item specifics are used by eBay to create the left side search selectors. Imaging the common eBay user searching for “925 silver ring” keyword. This search will bring hundreds of thousands results. To specify more requirements, buyers use the left side menu. and most importatnt, the information for the left side menu is taken by eBay machines from the Item specifics. 

 Which means, if your jewelry misses an important Item specific, let’s say “Ring size” , “Material”, “Condition” etc., it will simply disappear from buyers’ results list! The visibility boost seen by the correct usage of Item Specifics is counted by hundreds of percents.

Second, is of course, the Best Match algorithm considerations.

Lot was said about optimizing eBay item for visibility in Best Match algorithm. Here is a simple and important observation.  Taking a look at ebay’s “Search expansion” might explain a lot.  What is “Search expansion”? Except of matching search keywords directly to what one writes in item title, eBay uses  “Search expansion”, to match additional results to search query. There are three types of Search expansion, how eBay will match his results, according to how you create your jewelry listing. Clearly, if user writes exactly what you type in item Title, eBay will show your item in search results, if it appears in singular and plural form. Most interestingly, eBay adds 2 additional expansions:

eBay Item Specifics in the left search menu

  • if your item is posted in category that includes the specific keywords. For example if someone is typing 925 Silver ring in search, eBay will look both for 925 Silver ring in all categories and for 925 Silver in category Rings

  • eBay will search for Item specifics,  and will  add the Item specifics content to search keywords. For example,  if someone is typing 925 Silver ring in search, and your item has 925 in “Purity” Item specific and Silver in “Metal” Item specific, eBay will consider this values for his search results.

Selling jewelry on eBay is an extremely high competitive issue, and it is important to be aware of all technical requirements, tricks and “small letters” to promote your jewelry in eBay search algorithms and reach the buyers. Promoting items on eBay, as any search engine optimization, requires deep knowledge and persistence. This is why it is extremely important to fill all relevant Item specifics for your jewelry and to promote your jewelry on eBay.

Enjoy selling!

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