Stop The War In Ukraine



To our customers, vendors, partners, and investors:

Ukraine today is under a brutal attack and fights to protect its freedom. The freedom of people, of the country, and of the whole world. 

Prior to being workers and colleagues, we are human beings. Many of us are closely related to Russia and Ukraine.  As humans, we base our lives on values, which in NO WAY go together with the war in Ukraine. 


We consider dividing people into “good” and “bad” according to their geographical location to be the most absurd and disastrous. It’s similar to dividing according to the color of their eyes, height, or the number of birthmarks on the hand.


Human life is more important than any geopolitical interest. Manipulating this is unacceptable. Starting a war did never good, and there are no exclusions.


As a company, we help our clients progress into a more modern, supporting, conscious world. We value dignity, respect for different opinions, truthfulness, tolerance, and care of each other. War, discrimination, lies, and abuse of human life are not part of this world.


As a team, we aim high, both professionally and personally. We continue to apply these standards, to make our company a model for the whole world, making it a little bit better.

How you can help:

Donate to the humanitarian organizations :




Hosting and Shelter



Stop the war in Ukraine

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