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B2B SaaS Account/Success Manager

We take jewelry technology to the new levels

Job Description:


Experienced Customer Account/Success Manager, to make clients successful and happy.


Opportunity to become a part of the core team, in a unique leading product with top clients in the industry, worldwide. As part of our Success team, you will be working with the top jewelry and diamonds e-tailers, including Top-100 eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sellers, and world-leading jewelry brands and manufacturers. 


You’ll be responsible for building relationships with customers and responsible for their incredible user experience. Due to the nature of what we do, you’ll need to learn how to use our technology and understand how this applies to the Jewelry eCommerce space. 


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Motivation to:

  • Understand clients’ needs, guide clients in ongoing improvement, and solve problems
  • Identify where the Valigara product provides the most impact for the client
  • Help new clients effectively onboard and adopt our system
  • Execute special projects for clients related to their products’ data migration, operation of our system,  and more. 
  • Get deep into the jewelry eCommerce, and help clients grow online
  • Work with the Support and Product teams to provide the best customers experience
  • Lead online webinars, consultations, and one-on-one demos to educate customers on the features of our amazing product


What it takes:


  • Prior experience in Customer Account /Success management
  • Experience or a reasonable knowledge of the eCommerce and a desire to pursue this 
  • Experience or a reasonable knowledge of SaaS systems like ERP, CRM – a plus
  • Previous experience in the jewelry or diamonds industry – a plus
  • Strong computer skills
  • Languages
    • Fluent English speaker with strong written and verbal skills
    • Hebrew – big advantage
    • Extra languages – a plus
  • “9-to-5 employees” and technophobes need not apply



  • Personality and desire to create and deliver world-class service

  • “can-do”, and “get-things-done” attitude

  • Ability to take ownership and create authority

  • Positiveness and a true willingness to help

  • Habit of under-promise and over-provide

  • Ready for the challenge


Position: Full-Time
Location: Israel
Time-zone: combined, Europe-US  
Experience: 2-5 years


Why Valigara

  • Leader in eCommerce technology for the jewelry and diamonds industry
  • Top clients from all over the globe
  • Result-oriented work, no bureaucracy and bul$%*it
  • Established, positive and professional team
  • Professional freedom and flexible working hours


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