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B2B SaaS Sales Development Representative

We take jewelry technology to the new levels

Job Description:

Grow with us as Sales Representative. Take a prospect, bring them to a demo, help them answer all the questions, and close the deal. We assume you know the drill well.

Amazing opportunity:

  • Fast start. You don’t need expertise in the jewelry business.
  • Great product. 100% RFQ after the demo, 15% of prospects returns after trying other solutions.
  • We have 30k qualified prospects on the list. No need to set up sourcing, just close deals.
  • No complicated KPIs, just sell. We’ll give you all the tools to sell and earn as much as you want.
  • If you’re great, you’re going to be a Sales Director with 20+ people under management in a year.


  • Execute the complete sales cycle in the company. Once again: reach prospects with calls and emails, close for a demo, answer questions, and close the deal.
  • Collect feedback to optimize sales and earn more.
  • That’s it.


  • Great verbal and written presentation skills.
  • Passion to help jewelry companies stop managing their business manually and adopt the solution helping X2 their sales.
  • Attitude to earn money.


  • Experience selling SaaS solutions, rockets, and purebred kittens.
  • 254+ years of sales experience.
  • Natural-born negotiator and closer. Jokes are over, it’s important.


Schedule: Full-time, mainly US-time.

Compensation: Monthly base, with sales fees. No limits.

Why Valigara

  • Leader in eCommerce technology for the jewelry and diamonds industry
  • Top clients from all over the globe
  • Result-oriented work, no bureaucracy and bul$%*it
  • Established, positive and professional team
  • Professional freedom and flexible working hours


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