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BronzeStart your online jewelry business easily SilverTake your jewelry business to the next level GoldOptimized for large jewelry and diamond businesses PlatinumProfessional plan for most demanding customers
Number of items (SKU) Amount of items (jewelry or loose gemstones) you can store in Valigara catalog. 500 2000 5000 5000 – 500.000
No. of Channels (Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook etc.) Amount of marketplaces (Etsy, etc.) you can manage from your Valigara account 1 2 5 up to 48
No. of stores per channel Amount of stores you can add at each marketplace you manage, if you run several stores each with his own specialty. 1 1 5 more than 5
Storage (GB) Storage is used for images, diamond certificates, videos you can store on Valigara. 1 2 5 10
Additional channels Ability to add channels to the package N/A $100 / channel $100 / channel Priced per package
Business Intelligence Integrated Online Health algorithm allows to optimize your online performance
Multiple Admins Amount of users you can define in the account. Useful for defining different roles and following up the usage and changes history 1 3 5 more than 5
Phone support
Monthly analytic reports
Managed setup Setting up your account requires some work which you don’t always know how to do. Our professional account managers, with extensive eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Paypal knowledge will assist you in setting things up. Available for 1 year and up orders.
Valigara eCommerce Website Valigara’s VCatalog is a fully functional eCommerce website, customized for both retail and wholesale business, instantly features all your jewelry online
Email Amount Monthly limit of emails to send through the CRM 100 1000 5000 more than 1000
3 day 100% Money back guarentee
$249 monthly
$19900per month
billed annualy

$499 monthly
$39900per month
billed annualy

$1,059 monthly
$84700per month
billed annualy

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All Packages Include:
100% Customer Satisfaction
Dedicated Online Support & Helpdesk
Free Jewelry eCommerce Minisite
Jewelry eCommerce Tips
100% Money Back Guarantee

Professional services

Selling jewelry online requires not only strong technology, but a lot of knowledge too. To help you start and grow your jewelry eCommerce, We provide variety of eCommerce-related services.

eCommerce profiling What is the most efficient go-to-market for your jewelry? What are the next steps in your jewelry eCommerce growth? What to do to make your jewelry sell better? We summarize all these and provide you the structured answer.
web design & programming From the modest website to the most demanding jewelry eCommerce website  – we’ve done it many times.
eBay design & programming eBay product page design, storefronts and advanced eBay stores
Setting up the marketplace accounts. We will guide you through the process, help prevent unnecessary mistakes and save some time (and nerves) on starting your jewelry stores on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other online marketplaces.
Logistic and Fulfillment We cooperate with logistics operators, who will take care of your jewelry logistics most efficiently.
Technical writing Correct eBay titles, Amazon bullets, Etsy descriptions… Correctly converting your jewelry data into the marketing content is crucial to help your jewelry sell online.
Retouching and 3D modeling Visual representation of your jewelry is critical for your online sales. Make your jewelry sparkle online, and expand your online jewelry catalog

eCommerce services

Finding the right person to do the job can be challenging. We can to assist you in running your eCommerce operation.

Online Trading Our dedicated team of jewelry eCommerce experts will be glad to help you establish and mantain your jewelry eCommerce ecosystem. This includes daily operation of your marketplace accounts, optimization
Data services Save a lot of time with all kind of processing and converting your data. Our Excel pro’s will merge data from different sources for you, adjust it to the marketplace needs etc.


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