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    Etsy Studio – good news for gemstones and diamonds industry

Etsy Studio – good news for gemstones and diamonds industry

Etsy has lately introduced the Etsy Studio – the dedicated marketplace for craft supplies. This is an interesting and encouraging move. Being a DIY-positioned marketplace, till now Etsy had to keep craft supplies stores, including gemstones, diamonds and beads suppliers, in the shadow. With that, almost 60% of the top 1000 Etsy stores are in crafts supply industry. With the introduction of Studio, Etsy creates a legitimate place for craft suppliers, which allows Etsy to take a park in the
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eBay No Active Content requirements and questions

If anyone ever thought that the eBay No Active Content introduction will go smooth, well.. Now we get the formal approvals it is not. Means listings are being removed from marketplace, in some case with an email bearng not-so-nice Subject in your inbox: “Your eBay selling privileges have been temporarily restricted: Inappropriate Links” Not nice at all. We understand eBay wants to make sure everyone works by the rules, and we fully support this! With that, after implementing dozens o
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Valigara adds Segoma video integration

Selling diamonds online requires high quality images of the product. Buying diamond includes very in-depth inspection of it, and 360 imaging plays very important role in the sales process. Valigara is glad to add support for new type of videos: Segoma Imaging – provider of advanced technological photography solutions for the diamond world, and enables the online linking of photos to its Internet e-commerce platform. Segoma videos can be now used in all Valigara channels together with Youtu
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WEBINAR: creating your eBay jewelry store success

May the 24nd, 16:00 Israel Time (9:00 AM EST/3:00 PM UTC) REGISTER NOW We are happy to invite you to our professional webinar for jewelery and diamond sellers, that will be dedicated to creating your eBay success. On March the 24nd (Wednesday) 16.00 IST, we are having a free webinar during which our CEO and jewelry eCommerce expert Igor Nusinovich is going to share his insights on how to establish and improve your jewelry selling on eBay.  Most of the jewelers have a limited understanding o
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Valigara New Features webinar summary – April 2017

Yesterday we had the our April’s “Valigara New Features Monthly” webinar. The webinar is available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/KxTwa3F8jUo Following are the new features we discussed: Marketplace management: – Etsy Attributes support – Posting / revising : Price field separated from Format to allow revising of different formats together – Revising: “Keep unchange” option enabled for single product revise (eBy, Etsy, Amazon) – Revising: if se
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