Logistics and Fulfilment for Online Jewelry Sales Explained

Today we are going to talk about logistics in jewelry eCommerce. Why is it important? We often see people – we call them “technologists” – who say “I have created the best template for eBay. I have researched all the eBay item specifics and put everything into place. I have performed some analytics on best keywords on Etsy and I have copy-pasted the most successful bullets on Amazon listing, and my items do not sell.” The mistake in this case is that selling jewelry online is
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    How Much Does It Cost To Sell Online? What to Take Into Account and What Is Better Avoided

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Online? What to Take Into Account and What Is Better Avoided

There are many parameters of your e-commerce expenses, and some of them are critical. What are the points that we can influence to make our e-commerce offer better? This is what we are going to talk about today.     Introductory concepts What does it take to sell online? What does it cost to sell online? Eventually, the first thing is the cost of your products, producing your jewelry, which is all-important. Let us take, for example, digital products where you basically have no cost o
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WEBINAR: Are you ready to sell jewelry online seriously?

March the 22nd, 16:00 Israel Time (9:00 AM EST/3:00 PM UTC) Most of the jewelers have a limited understanding of what to do to benefit from their online presence in the most effective way. Join the professional webinar by Valigara and take the full advantage over the rest of your competitors who are missing it. On March the 22nd (Wednesday) 16.00 IST, we are having a free webinar during which we Igor Nusinovich (CEO of Valigara) is going to share his insights on how to outperform the competi
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How to improve online sales with quick-sellers?

Jewelry eCommerce – Boost online store sales with quick-sellers We’re often asked how to start selling jewelry on the major marketplace. How to penetrate marketplaces with thousands of successful, experienced sellers? There are many techniques for this, and now I want to talk about one specific technique which we often use and which proves itself very well. We’re talking about quick-sellers, the items that run your business forward. What are quick-sellers? Simply, these are products th
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Selling jewerly on multiple international eBay sites

We are often asked how to get selling on different international eBay sites. The reason for that is clear.  There are 30 different local eBay sites worldwide, targeting each one its own local audience. The thing is that eBay always prefers displaying the local items to visitors, before showing the relevant items from other eBay websites. SO if your item does great on eBay.com it doesn’t mean it will appear in eBay.co.uk top results. Thus, once you get used with eBay and it becomes an
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