List of sub-processors


As a data processor under the GDPR, Valigara makes use of the sub-processors listed below to support Valigara in its performance of services for its customers. The use of these sub-processors may be varied by the contract terms in place between Valigara and a customer.


What is a Sub-processor?

Sub-processors are service providers who have or potentially will have access to or process personal data that Valigara processes for, and on behalf of, Valigara’s users.

The list outlines the types of service providers, sub-processors, and affiliates we utilize, where they are located, and a description of the work they carry out.

Due Diligence

Before engaging any service provider, we perform due diligence, including a vendor security assessment. We only service providers who provide clear pvove of GDPR compliance, to ensure that these service providers process personal data only for the purposes of providing services to Valigara, and in accordance with our commitments to Users and applicable data protection laws.

Last update: 27. April 2022

For previous versions please contact us. 

Valigara service providers and partners

Optionally, some of our services imply forwarding Personal Data to our service partners. The following list related to the specific services and is NOT a part of basic Valigara operation. 


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