2023 Valigara Highlights

Valigara New Year 2024 greetings

As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that 2023 was filled with both opportunities and challenges. We want to share some key highlights that truly stand out: After many years of close partnership, Valigara became a Jewelry Category Partner for eBay Global, being the key solution for jewelry sellers on the marketplace. This […]

Valigara enhances the “Stand with Israel” event by IDE and DDC

Stand with Israel - IDE Special Diamonds Sales Event

Valigara is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Stand with Israel event by the Israeli Diamond Exchange and Diamond Dealers Club New York. The event brings a unique opportunity for Israeli diamond sellers to present their products directly in NY, during the time of war. With Valigara’s “Excel-to-Catalog” implementation, all diamond sellers have all their […]

Valigara becomes eBay’s Global Jewelry Category Partner

Valigara becomes eBay's Global Jewelry Category Partner

We have some thrilling news: Valigara and eBay are teaming up! Valigara has officially become eBay’s Global Jewelry Category Partner. After long-time cooperation with eBay Luxury teams over the globe, eBay has adopted Valigara as a core tool for jewelers on a global scale. All with one goal in mind – to improve the sellers’ performance, […]

Jewelry B2B solutions with Valigara – Jewelry eCommerce Webinar – August 2023

jewelry eCommerce tools for B2B - software for wholesale jewelry business

Valigara for Growth -Product Information Management module – Jewelry eCommerce webinar Jun 2022

Our monthly Jewelry eCommerce Webinar series to learn about Jewelry PIM Product Information Management, and how to get it right in order to boost your jewelry eCommerce business. In this expert session, Igor Nusinovich will share insights about the importance of Product Information to jewelry selling,

New Amazon Attributes Requirements for jewelry

sell amazon valigara - Sell jewelry online

Effective August 16, 2023, 274 attributes across 200 product types will be required for new listings on the US Marketplace. We have selected the ones related to the Jewelry category product types.    Фll new jewelry listings must contain valid attribute for all new required attributes.  Otherwise , listings will not be added to the […]

The International Diamond Week 2023

Valigara at International Diamond Week 2023 We are excited to exhibit at International Diamond Week 2023, presented by the Israeli Diamond Exchange.    Taking The Diamonds Industry into the Digital World   The diamond industry undergoes radical changes, heavily impacted by industry digitalization. As a leading eCommerce technology in the diamond world, we are happy […]

What to Know When Selling Jewelry Internationally

What to Know When Selling Jewelry Internationally

Selling jewelry internationally can be a great opportunity for both retailers and wholesalers. Jewelry is in high demand globally; this has been the case for decades, in fact. While the pandemic did hit many jewelry stores, most survived or recovered primarily from pivoting to eCommerce.

Using Technology to Revive or Boost Your Jewelry Store’s Success

Using Technology to Revive or Boost Your Jewelry Store’s Success

Stagnating in a jewelry business happens to some of the most successful brands. This could be due to any number of factors. While some of these would be out of your control (e.g. the pandemic, changing customer preferences, etc.), there is still much you can influence to bring your store back on its feet and help it thrive eventually. Let’s take each aspect of an online jewelry business and see what type of digital tools you can use to give it a boost.

Post-COVID Opportunities for Jewelry Businesses

Post-COVID Opportunities for Jewelry Businesses

The jewelry industry has undergone a dramatic shift in operational processes after the pandemic. Changing consumer preferences and needs have forced many jewelry stores to adopt new strategies in order to remain competitive. Let’s explore three of the most popular ones.

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