Adding value to your jewelry with professional appraisal


Imagine you buy a jewelry and pay $100 for it. In one case you receive just the jewelry you ordered. In another you receive exactly the same jewelry and a well-looking appraisal saying that according to market valuation you have just received the jewelry worth $250. In what case you feel more satisfied with your purchase? Of course, in the second! You have just received a confirmation by the professional jeweler that you have made a good deal!

Imagine another situation when you buy jewelry you are planning to give as a present. Will you include this $250 appraisal to the present? Of course! It looks good in the gift package, feels good in your hand… And it will increase the value of the gift in eyes of your girlfriend, wife, mother!

Customer do not pay according to what product costs. They pay according to what they FEEL the product is worth to them. Appraisal is NOT an official document. It does not mean you assure the buyer he can sell the jewelry for this value. It just states the sum of your subjective evaluation of this jewelry. You can easily create your custom appraisal on your Company paper, or download some great looking appraisals from online image galleries as Shutterstock, IStockPhoto and many other.

CertificateHere are few tips you might use while creating a good appraisal.

  • Make the appraisal look expensive
    • print it on a good paper
    • use impressive design

  • Make the appraisal personal
    • write the details of the jewelry being shipped: name, metals, weight, carats etc’
    • include the image of the appraised jewelry
    • add Appraisal number
    • sign the appraisal manually
    • add date of sale to your appraisal

  • Make the appraisal trustful
    • add your or founder’s name to appraisal
    • design it with your company logo
    • add logos of organizations your company is a member

Adding a respectfully looking “professional” appraisal to your jewelry parcel costs you eventually nothing. And it adds a lot to how your jewelry is perceived by your client. So spend 2 minutes before you ship your jewelry, write a nice number in the price space, put your signature to the paper and get better results, more satisfied clients and returning orders.

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