13 tips for creating the perfect eBay product page for your jewelry

Selling jewelry on eBay has includes many aspects. How to make your listings stand out in high competition? How to optimize your eBay jewelry store cross-selling? How to adjust your items to the Best Match algorithm? How to find your customers on eBay? These and many other are the key to making your jewelry be seen and sold.


But at the end – your buyer finishes in your jewelry product page. And it’s this page where he makes the decision if to buy your jewelry or not…This is why, your eBay listing page template is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. In this post we will pass the obvious technological requirements, such as page responsiveness, the correct page width, compliance with No Active Content and other eBay requirements, and will only concentrate on the conceptual design issues.

What are the basic elements of the eBay jewelry template?

  1. Item title
  2. Technical parameters of the jewelry
  3. Item description
  4. Photo and video gallery
  5. Information tabs – such as “About us”, “Shipping information”, “Returns policy”, “Payment methods”, “Contact information”
  6. Visual and textual information about the deal – f.i. “Elegant gift box”, “Free worldwide shipping,” “Re-sizing of the jewelry”
  7. Information on the possible customization – sizes, metals, gemstone variations etc.
  8. Service information and other trust-builders


perfect eBay product page

Following are the tips for the effective eBay product page template for your jewelry:


  1. First things first. Put the most important / selling information about the product appear higher in the listing. Pictures, technical parameters of your jewelry, the description… Most buyers do not invest in (are too lazy) scrolling down. The good test is – what will be seen on the first screen shot(always keep in mind what is the most common monitor size, as it rises constantly).

  2. Search bar. Consider adding more extensive search on the sidebar of your template. For example – by gemstone cut, color and price. This way client can easily search and switch to more matching products. Help buyers find his jewelry while remembering that most buyers don’t make it to the  storefront – the main page of your eBay’s shop.

  3. Pictures / videos. Undoubtedly,while selling jewelry and diamonds online the importance of pictures and videos cannot be underestimated. Having no chance of feeling your jewelry in the hand, your buyers have to “create” their feeling from visual information only. Leave a central place for as many pictures as possible ( in some cases our clients use up to 10 pictures of each ring!). Also, having more pictures returns your client to viewing your jewelry, and most people get convinced by quantity of information, not by its quality. Some tips and “workarounds”:
    1. There is no need to re-photograph your jewelry to get more pictures. Simple use close-ups and rotation of existing pictures to create more views and positions.
    2. Photograph your items on the body / model, as it provides the proportions of your jewelry to the body.
    3. Some suggest take a photo near a coin / match boxes / ruler to show measurements. Well, we can’t suggest it, as it does not always match to the feel of someone looking for his/her next jewelry or a gift.

  4. Certificate / appraisal. Attach and stress more all relevant documents your buyer will get. This is an important part of the product and of the purchase.

  5. Trust builders and Benefits. Why should I buy from you? There are thousands of great jewelers on eBay…
    1. Be clear and short.
    2. Use check-lists and bullets, as these are easier to read.
    3. Use infographics – icons work faster than words.

  6. Product includes. Add a box that will state all parts of the package he gets. It’s an important part of the sale. Show client what he gets , including the gift box / pouch , the greeting card, the cleaning band, how you send your jewelry – anything that might help the buyer get better understanding of what is in the package he gets . Remember – many items are bought to be given as a gift,  so all the “excessive” gimmicks are helping.

  7. Data matters. Leave enough space for your jewelry specifications. For example , an average ring consists from 12-15 different parameters, a loose diamond listing will have about 10 parameters. Not necessarily will buyers read and understand each parameter, but having your jewelry well technically described shows your professionalism and adds to your listing’s credibility.  More than that, not all buyers buy from pictures – more logical people will make their choice based on the well structured technical information of your jewelry.

  8. Sign up for newsletter. This is a common mistake: The signup box can’t have an email field inside! eBay does not allow collecting emails, and subscription is a mechanism, fully eBay controlled . So the registration box will only have a button that will lead your client to eBay’s automated registration.

  9. Visualize your offer. Stress the standard terms advantages of your jewelry by making them visual. For example, create unique signs for “Free worldwide shipping”, “14 days money back quarantine” , “1 day re-sizing” and other terms and offers that play an important role in your selling speech. These are of no less importance as good images of your product.

  10. Utilize the space. if you want someone to get to the information in bottom of the page, make the standard information blocks (about, shipping, policies, returns etc. ) smaller or even clickable tabs to appear one instead of another.

  11. Cross-selling. Add links to “items on sale” , “products of the month”, “Best sellers”, “Top categories” etc. Make your listing page work for your whole store.

  12. Logos. Adding as many logos, even if simply “Paypal certified” logo to your eBay listing, can add to your jewelry credibility. Include all the associations you’re in, awards you’ve received , nominations and other visual stuff that make your listing more “professional” and persuading.

  13. Tell a story. To make your jewelry stand our between another thousands of beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and more, create some uniqueness  with a story around the jewelry, the store, the seller. Explain, why buying your engagement ring is different from any other ( maybe you mine your diamonds yourself?) , or your broche (because of you’ve had the unique inspiration from your Madrid travels?)

  14. Adjust the message. Not always a chic design is the best. If you’re selling a fashion silver earrings worth $18, your design will probably reflect the quality of the product and how easy it is to buy it. And your buyer is probably a woman. When selling a $1500 engagement ring, the chic and solidness enter the game. And statistically it’s a man who is going to make the decision and to pay… Remember your ultimate buyer.

Following these tips will strongly improve your jewelry pages’ quality and increase sales. With that the most important rule is Stay tuned. This means – listen to your visitors, buyers and non-buyers. Follow eBay’s updates on technological requirements. Constantly learn by running A/B tests on your jewelry page designs. How? Simply apply two different designs to your jewelry and see which one performs better. Analyze it and get better!

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