DIY and Etsy Custom offers

Handmade jewelry

Have you noticed the “Request custom order “ option in Etsy? How is it important?

A growing trend in today’s jewelry and gifts ecommerce is the “do it your self” or DIY sphere. People like to create gifts by themselves making it more personal and unique. The same applies to jewelry niche too. This is why the personalized jewelry becomes more and more important and attracts more and more sellers and buyers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to switch to the customized jewelry immediately. By allowing your buyers to adjust their jewelry you make the purchase more personal and give the buyer the feeling of the uniqueness of the purchased necklace, ring… And this is what jewelry business about, isn’t it?

Jewelry pieces are highly customizable, with different metal purities, sizes, precious and semi precious gemstones to insert into the piece. Use the “Request custom order” to more efficiently convert visitors into paying, satisfied and returning customers – the way your business goes up and gets stronger.

If you don’t use Valigara as the software for your jewelry eCommerce, here is the Etsy help page about enabling this option.

Enjoy selling!

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