How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on eBay

How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on eBay

How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on eBay


With a GMV of $19.4 billion and 142 million active buyers worldwide, eBay is still one of the top marketplaces for jewelry sellers.
 They have 12 categories dedicated to jewelry products which range from pre-owned to fashion to fine jewelry. Therefore eBay should definitely be included in your multi-channel strategy when looking to sell jewelry online.


However, outranking other sellers, especially the more experienced ones or the more recognized brands, can be a struggle. Even if you’re not looking to take the lead in eBay jewelry sales, you do want your products to show up fairly early in an eBay jewelry search.

 Fortunately, we know just the way you can make that happen. In fact, you have a few ways you can experiment with to find what works best for you and your store. We’ll detail them next.


     1. Store Improvements

Ever since the new leadership took over, eBay has refocused many of its operational business strategies. One of the changes was focusing more on improving seller experience (while maintaining their praised buyer services).

 As such, eBay has implemented a wide range of upgrades to their seller stores, including new design, Ux/Ui enhancements, reports, and the like. While having a store is not a requirement to sell jewelry on eBay, branding is becoming a necessity to stand out among your competition in any industry nowadays. According to eBay itself, buyers will spend more on your products if and once they visit your store (and presumably like it). So make use of this opportunity.

Whichever subscription tier you may choose for this option, your eBay jewelry store has three main areas that can be improved:

  1. Storefront / Home page
  2. About page
  3. Reviews / Ratings

   2.Store front


On your jewelry shop’s homepage, you can first post a billboard at the top to promote your brand. You may also have a clickable marketing banner that could lead prospects to your website. A few promotional ideas you can include on there could be:

  • Bundle shopping discounts
  • Bundle shipping discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Event sale
  • Order size and product volume discounts

Use the Markdown Manager to automatically set the discount level and monitor your promotion. Additionally, you may also use a third-party repricing tool that will keep your prices competitive by constantly comparing them with similar products across the jewelry industry.

Besides all these, you can also add a store logo/icon to the home page, to make your brand more memorable, as well as include a section with featured categories and items. Here you can showcase your best selling jewelry products, including any quick-sellers.

A quick tip – it’s a good idea to offer new products on an ongoing basis. If your stock isn’t selling, then you can remove some of your listed jewelry products and relist them later, ideally with slight modification in the description text. This will cause the eBay algorithm to pick up your items again and give them another chance with potential customers.

We will talk more about jewelry product listings later. For now, let’s see how you can best use your eBay jewelry store’s About page.


     3.  About page


This is your opportunity to shine as a jewelry seller on eBay. On this page you can showcase your brand, your story, your values, and more. You have enough space for a lengthier description that can help with your SEO efforts. So make sure you use enough relevant keywords.

 However, don’t get into keyword stuffing (too many at the cost of clarity) or keyword spamming (using irrelevant but highly searched words just to get any traffic). Clear, concise, and pertinent content always wins. You can also use your keywords in other places like page titles, meta tags, images alt text, and your custom categories.


Besides keywords, you can highlight your jewelry business’ policies and provide a brief summary of them. Try to go beyond the basic templates provided and keep in mind buyers’ frequently asked questions. Some of the policies you can include are shipping, payment, return, or data privacy. 


Another new feature you now have on this page is a jewelry store video. Given the move to Instagram reels and videos, and the success of TikTok, we can see why having a video is a great strategy, particularly when trying to appeal to Millennials or Gen Z shoppers. You might want to hire a professional for this one. It’s a one-time investment that you can benefit from for a long while.

How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on eBay

   4. Reviews

Feedback from your clients stands as social proof and weighs more in a shopper’s buying decision than any other content you may have on your online jewelry store. To increase your chances of getting positive reviews, you can:

  • Provide clear and easy to find terms of sale
  • Reply quickly to questions, feedback, and comments
  • Follow up on a sale


You won’t always get positive feedback, though. In those times, it is still important to reply publicly to them and attempt to come to a resolution. Keep your replies short and offer the customer options to rectify the issue. A good idea is to include a toll-free number in your replies that the customer may contact for further assistance. This may prevent negative reviews altogether since it gives unsatisfied clients a chance to contact you directly and resolve the problem. Remember, most clients do not want to complain; they simply want a solution.

These are the most important facets of an eBay jewelry store, and the ones you can easily tweak for more traffic and sales. A few other features available on the home page are a quick access to the seller (you), social media icons, newsletter subscription, and a search box to find your listings. Let’s now look at what you can do about your listings, to instigate higher traffic and sales.


     5.  Listings Improvements


A listing is a page where an individual product is listed; simple as that. It includes many points such as:

  • Product description and specifications
  • Images and videos
  • Product tags and categories
  • Type of buying experience (Fixed Price vs Auction)
  • Price
  • Listing Frame

Professional, clear, detailed, and accurate descriptions are the way to go. OF course, they must be grammatically correct and include important jewelry product specifications such as carat, metal, color, size, shape, cut, and any certificates of authenticity. Your images should be of high quality, high resolution, and include lifestyle ones with individuals modeling your jewelry items for sale. You get 12 free images per listing and should use as many of them as possible, but at least 8.

If your jewelry products do not fit in the current eBay jewelry categories, then you can create custom ones. You may add up to 300 of them in total and up to 5 per jewelry item. You may also create subcategories. However, make sure you have those ready before you list any products under that category because, if the category already has some listings, it won’t accept new subcategories.

The listing frame is a custom header with the following sections:

  • Jewelry store name, logo, and top 5 categories
  • Search box to easily find jewelry products
  • Newsletter sign up link
  • Custom marketing message
  • Link for buyers to add you as a Favorite Store

These are the most important points related to your eBay jewelry listings. Make sure you fill in all available sections in the form and add any features that are not currently available on there, but which would be important for buyers to know. You should also update your listing regularly to include buyer feedback and any product changes. Our Valigara Online Management System for online jewelry sellers allows you to make such updates automatically for thousands of products with only a few clicks.

All in all, eBay jewelry stores can be an amazingly useful tool even if you have your own separate jewelry shop on a separate webpage or offline. Making use of all the store and listing features available will make your products more easily discoverable and accessible. Start with any of the tips above and take your jewelry business to yet another level.

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